1950s glasses

Vintage 50s glasses

The 1950s was a decade of growth and inspiration in the world of vintage eyewear. Prior to the 1950s glasses were mostly gold or silver, mostly boring and monotone. Simple wire rim glasses. With the new common use of plasitc for manufacturing, 50s glasses were no longer limited to the linear and monotone designs or the ealy 20th century, and could now be made in any shape or color you could image. A good example of this phenomenom of 1950s eyeglasses were the famous cat eye glasses, likely the most popular of all 1950s glasses. Limitless in design and shape these 50 frames quickly came to embody the decade: Bold, glamorous, and wild. Another popular type of frames were 50s cat eye sunglasses

1950s Sunglasses

Along with the new era of 50s glasses came a new trend: 50s sunglasses. While vintage sunglasses were common for years beforehand, they only took off to a degree with 1950s sunglasses. Before the 1950s frames were boring and utilitarian, almost seen as a medical device. WIth 1950s eyeglasses being stylish and glamorous as they were, it is no wander that everyone wanted a pair of 50s sunglasses.

The most popular style of 1950’s sunglasses was no doubt 50s cat eye sunglasses. The womens frames were popular for those not needing prescription glasses, giving them an excuse to wear a pair of 1950s womens glasses.

1950s Mens Glasses

Another popular type of 1950s mens glasses was browline glasses, (sometimes referred to as Malcolm X Glasses) These 50s eyeglasses have a piece of plastic or metal above the brow on top. These 50s style glasses were very popular for men, though there were types of womens browline glasses. These browline glasses were also used as 1950s mens sunglasses.

Horn Rimmed Glasses were also popular eyeglass frames in the 1950s.

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