1960s Glasses & Sunglasses

The sixties was an era during which eye glasses and sunglasses developed one of the main components which had so been lacking: Color. Vintage Frames until the 1950’s and 1960s had been generally been manufactured using metal. They were usually gold and silver in color due to the gold and silver materials used. With the development of various plastic’s after the war 1960s eye glasses were able to be made in any color imaginable. Some of the more popular 1960s frame styles are below

Horn Rimmed Glasses

Historically Horn rimmed glasses were made of genuine horn or shell but the term became common for all 1960s eyeglass frames made of plastic / acetate. These were generally Square & Rectangle shaped Mens glasses in dark colors such as black and tortoise. Buddy Holly was one of the celebrities that made them popular Horn Rimmed eyeglasses were popular 1950’s and 1960’s glasses that went out of style in the 1970’s.

Tart Arnel

Tart FDR

Moscot Lemtosh

Johnny Depp Glasses

Keyhole Bridge

Pathway Challenger

American Optical

Bausch & Lomb Wayfarer

Shuron Rondean

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Glasses have upswept corners, similar in shape to a cat’s eye. Cat eye frames came in every imaginable color and with enormous creativity never before seen in the vintage eyewear scene. Pearls and rhinestones were everywhere, on the front, top and temples. Cat eye sunglasses also became very popular and arguably the most popular style of vintage sungasses today.

Many of the more radical cat eye glasses were Made in France and are stamped “Frame France”. Tura was another manufacturer of Women’s 60’s glasses frames. Their eyeglass frames were made of metal, all in the same shape but with different colors, design and ornaments

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are a type of eyeglass frames that became popular in the 1950’s & 1960’s for prescription lenses and sunglasses. The upper part of the frames was thicker and darker than the lower, often made of plastic. The lower part was metal. Some of the popular models of browline glasses were Artcraft Clubman, Bausch and Lomb (B&L) Ray Ban Clubman and later Clubmaster and Shuron Ronsir.

Browline glasses were mainly Men’s glasses. It is hard to find authentic 1960s browline glasses today in good condition. Then plastic and metal parts age differently and the plastic has warped on most genuine 1960’s browline frames.






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