1970s Glasses

In stark conrast to 1960s glasses, Eyeglass frames in the 1970s tended to be bold, fun, and oversized. Large square glasses and geometric shapes of acetate and metal frames. Cat eye glasses from the 1950s and 1960’s tended to be much smaller and followed a more uniform pattern (albeit with unlimted colors and bling!). 1970s glasses frames were oversized, with many expiremental shapes never to be seen before or after. It was a decade of trying things out.

1970s Large Eyeglasses

During the 1970’s prescription eyeglasses lenses in plastic started becoming the norm. Historically up through the 1960’s prescription lenses were generally made of glass. Aside from being more prone to shattering, glass prescription lenses are much heavier and lenses therefore needed to be on the smaller side. Plastic prescription lenses are much lighter and the lenses could therefore be much larger.  Eyeglasses & Sunglasses in the seventies took that to an extreme, with most frames being oversized. Later on the styles reverted back to smaller lenses but this trned remained with regards to sunglasses. Sunglasses remain oversized until today, an ode to 1970s sunglasses

1970s glasses frames
What glasses looked like in the 1970s

Aviator 70s glasses

Aviator glasses were invented during the 1930’s but started being made in acetate only during the 1970’s. Acetate allowed more color, before the 1970’s frames were just gold and silver. aviator 70s glasses were much larger and more fun and colorful than the old 1930s aviator glasses.

Butterfly Glasses

One of the unique shapes of 70s eyewear is a style called butterfly glasses. Butterfly Glasses have a similar symmetry to a butterfly, much like cat eye glasses were named after a cat’s eye shape. Butterfly glasses were often oversized frames.

Drop arm glasses

Another style very popular in the were drop arm glasses or drop side glasses. As opposed to regular glasses where the eyeglasses temples meet the front in the center, or ful-vue glasses where the temples meet the front at the top, drop arm glasses are a type of 1970s eyeglasses where the temples meet the front at the bottom! Yes, a little crazy. But that was the 1970’s.

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