90s Glasses

Is nostalgia still a thing? Absolutely, and the revival of 90s glasses is all the proof you need. From classic shapes re-imagined to vintage designs getting a modern update, this throwback trend is taking center stage as more and more celebrities are setting style trends with updated takes on retro wear looks from the past.

Glasses were an iconic fashion accessory during the decade of the 90s. Much like every other trend from that era, glasses also grew in popularity. From celebrities sporting frames to bold designs worn by intellectuals, there was something for everyone on the eyewear scene during this time.

Today, we’ll look at some of the top 1990s glasses trends and how to introduce them to your wardrobe for a new makeover!

90s Glasses Men’s

The 90s saw a rise in odd and genuinely distinctive glasses, which became a staple of every fashion-conscious person’s style book; this was a result of the influence of models, celebrity’s, movie stars, and musicians who made the eyewear truly unique back then.

If we talk of 90s men’s glasses, oversize glasses were a popular hip-hop trend in the 90s, with celebs like Lil Kim donning extra-large vintage sunglasses for the cool, effortless vibe. This style became even more mainstream, thanks to an a-list actor like Brad Pitt, who wore them in a classic film of the time, “fight club.”

Circular glasses also appeared throughout the decade, and many trendsetter celebrities were spotted wearing them.

All in all, glasses in the 90s were known for being unique and attention-grabbing, with all high-end brands like Gucci and Chanel offering their distinct style variation.

90s glasses
a pair of glasses from the 1990’s era

1990s Sunglasses

The 90s was an era of experimentation and discovering new fashion looks, which is why 1990s sunglasses came in various shapes, colors, and styles to match the overall aesthetics of the time. The decade brought oval and round-shaped lenses to the forefront, which became a symbol of coolness that defined the 90s.

Bright-colored 90s glasses frames, such as the Sun Kyoto glasses, gained immense popularity; the round lenses, keyhole Nose Bridge and metal accents give them a sleek yet sophisticated look.

The trends were not just limited to men, but the 90s women’s glasses also offered many edgy variations- patterned and multicolored frames were a hot-favorites during the decade. Sun Bardot glasses are a classic example of a more subtle side of the same style.

Overall, the 90s style show glimpses of inspiration from 80s frames and 70s glasses but with a touch of vibrancy and standing out from the rest. The chic vibe of the time is getting all the love and attention back, so why not pick a look for yourself and join the trend?