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About Our 1920s Glasses

During the 1920s eyeglasses went through many shifts and changes in mechanism and style.

Prior to the 1920s glasses did not have nose pads. They had saddle bridges which sat directly on the nose. During the 1920s eyeglasses started appearing with nose pads as we know them. They haven’t left since.

Another one of the changes introduced to vintage 1920s glasses was the introduction of gender to vintage eyewear. Antique eyeglasses had been seen as a medical device and therefore gender neutral. As eyewear started becoming more fashionable they started making them gender specific. 1920s mens glasses and 1920s womens glasses.

1920s vintage eyeglass frames were sturdier than the frames in the decades before. They were made of a thicker material and with improved manufturing techniques.

1920s style eyeglasses make a great fashionable statement. has a large selection of 1920s mens glasses as well as 1920s womens glasses. We also have a large selection of retro glasses for men and women.

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