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About Windsor Glasses

Windsor Glasses are a style of popular round vintage frames. The Windsor style of eyeglasses was introduced in 1880 and remained popular until after the First World War. Characteristics of windsor frames are: round lenses, a nose saddle (no nose pads), and temples that loop behind the ear. These round vintage glasses came in silver, roman steel, gold filled, white gold filled, and nickel. Often, the lenses and sometimes the temples were covered with Zylo (celluloid). Common Zylo colors are black, brown, blond, and tortoiseshell.

John Lennon Glasses

This style frame was worn by John Lennon, Ernest Hemingway, Groucho Marx, Theodore Roosevelt, William Hurt, Mahatma Gandhi, Joseph Stalin, and of late by David Letterman, and Whoppie Goldberg.

Sometimes referred to as John Lennon Glasses, as he often wore round windsor style eyeglasses. Windsor’s aren’t the only style of John Lennon’s Glasses, he often wore Marshwood and various types of vintage sunglasses. We have a large selection of all different types of John Lennon Frames.

Vintage Round Glasses

Windsor eyeglass frames are one of the more popular styles of vintage round glasses. There were many other styles of round vintage glasses, such as tortoiseshell glasses, pince nez glasses, marshwood and others.

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