Best Glasses For A Diamond Face Shape

If prescription glasses are an everyday part of your life, then you know that shopping for them can be daunting. There are so many styles, colors, and brands on the market that you can spend hours just trying them on. Rather than blindly go shopping for eyeglasses or sunglasses, it’s best to begin by determining what face shape you have, as this will tell you where to start looking.

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Diamonds are always associated with beauty, so finding the best glasses for a diamond face shouldn’t be hard. And if you’ve checked the shape of your face and determined that you are a diamond shape, consider yourself lucky because it’s celebrated as the rarest of all facial shapes. In fact, we’ve created the following guide to help both women and men with diamond face shapes find the best pair of glasses for their face shape.

What is a Diamond Shaped Face?

Diamond face shapes are characterized by high cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a tapering chin. Hence, the facial contours are widest near the cheekbones and taper off into a small chin.

This is considered one of the most beautiful face shapes and is even envied at times because people with this shape can wear almost any clothing or accessory style.

Glasses For A Diamond Face Shape

How to Tell if I Have a Diamond Face Shape

To find out if you have a diamond face shape, it’s best to start by pulling all of your hair back and studying your face in the mirror.

Pay close attention to your face’s overall shape and the width of your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead.

Here are the top five things to look for when checking if your face is diamond shaped:

Your forehead and jawline are roughly the same widths.

Your cheekbones are the most prominent part of your face.

You have a narrow face when viewed at eye level.

Your chin is pointed.

Your face is nearly as wide as it is long.

What Does a Diamond Shaped Face Look Like

To the untrained eye, heart shape and diamond shape faces can look almost identical, but when viewed next to one another, diamond shapes have distinct traits.

As we mentioned, diamond faces have a small chin and narrow forehead, so the forehead will not be as wide as a heart shaped face. Also, the widest part of a diamond face is the cheekbones, which also sit nice and high.

Consider women such as Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, and Scarlett Johannsen to give you a better idea of what a diamond-shaped face looks like. Celebrity men with diamond shaped faces include Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Ryan Reynolds.

What Shape Glasses are Best for Diamond Shaped Faces?

The best-shaped glasses for diamond faces are round glasses, cat eye glasses, or oval glasses. Choosing frames that feature rounded rims will help soften the look of your defined chin, cheekbones, and jawline, creating a more balanced look. Though square and rectangle glasses are also popular, you must make sure they aren’t too sharp or angular in appearance.

It’s vital to note that in order to balance any shaped face with eyeglasses, you should aim to create a visual balance. The top half of your face needs to have width added, and the bottom half needs to be more rounded. So, look for frames that are wide at the top, such as oval or cat-eye glasses.

You may also want to try some detailed or decorated frames, as this draws more attention to your eyes and, in doing so, adds width.

Glasses for Diamond Shaped Face Woman

Diamond shaped faces can vary between men and women, so one gender may be able to pull off different shapes than the other.

Here are our top recommendations for glasses for diamond shaped face woman:

Butterfly Glasses

This style is perfect for showing off your features. Butterfly glasses are widest near the temples, which helps to balance your small chin. These glasses are also known to sport bold colors and intricate details, helping your eyes to pop.

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses are another great option to help balance your diamond face features. If you like a bit of extra flair, try a pair that’s embellished on the sides.

Cat-eye Glasses

The pointed edges of cat-eye glasses are perfect for helping soften the angularity of a diamond shaped face while also accentuating the cheekbones.

Round Glasses

Round frames are among the best choices and work well for anyone with a diamond shaped face. These frames can smooth and curve your lines, helping even out the angles.

Square Glasses

Square glasses are some of the most popular and iconic of all. They feature sharp edges and geometric shapes, helping you achieve a “smarter” look.

Best Glasses for Diamond Shaped Face Male

Here are our top recommendations for diamond face male glasses:

Round Glasses

This is a classic choice for men with diamond faces. Just be sure that the frames are not too large or too small for your face.

Browline Glasses

Another classic and stylish option for men with diamond faces is clubmaster frames. The emphasized browline and sharp angles complement your face’s curves perfectly.

Browline glasses are perfect if you find a pair that is proportional to your face. It may be wise to opt for a pair slightly wider at the cheekbones but with a very strong browline.

Aviator glasses

Opting for a pair of aviators as a male with a diamond face is brilliant if you’re looking to complement your narrow chin and broad forehead.

Wayfarer Glasses

These frames have been popular since the 1950s for a good reason. They are trendy glasses and perfect for a diamond face shape, as the round lenses help soften your face’s sharper lines, and the thick frame balances out your overall features.

Best Sunglasses for Diamond Shape Face

Though sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses serve different functions, their styling is quite the same. So, if you already know which eyeglasses look best, opt for a similar style in sunglasses.

If you want to try something new, check out frame shapes for diamond faces such as aviators, wayfarers, clubmasters, round glasses, or square glasses.

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