Best Glasses For A Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces are among the most unique of all face shapes and are easily complemented by most eyeglass frames. Yet just because you have one of the most versatile face shapes doesn’t make choosing the right glasses an easy task.

After all, not all eyeglasses frames are created equal, and you will look better in some shapes than others. So, let’s get started! We’ve created the following guide to help men and women with heart shaped faces find the best pair of glasses for their looks.

What is a Heart Shaped Face?

Heart shaped faces are sometimes confused with round face shape. You’ll know you have this face shape if your forehead is wider and more prominent, but your face angles more toward the chin.

Hence, your face will feature a slender jawline with a broader forehead and cheekbones as your chin finishes to a point.

heart shaped face glasses

How to Tell if You have a Heart Shape Face

There are several different methods you can use to determine what face shape you have. Here are the most common.

Width, Length, and Jaw

This is among the easiest of the methods and just requires that you have a smartphone or a mirror.

Either stare at your face in the mirror or snap a picture of yourself and begin by looking at your jawline. Is it round or more angular?

If you see that your jawline is angular, take a look at the width and length of your face. If your face is a heart, it should resemble an upside triangle in that your forehead and cheekbones are the widest points of your face.

Trace Your Face

Another effective method is tracing your face in the mirror. All you need to do this is a dry erase marker in addition to your mirror. Now, simply trace your face and see what shape you come up with.

Compare to Celebrities

Finally, you can make a collage to compare your face to celebrities. Do people always say you look like Scarlett Johannsen? Or do they say you look like Reese Witherspoon? If you get Reese a lot, you definitely have a heart shaped face.

And this method can work for men as well. Guys with inverted triangle or heart shaped face include Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

Read more about measuring eyeglasses in our expanded eyeglasses face shape guide.

What Shape Glasses are Best for Heart Shaped Faces?

The best shape glasses for heart shaped faces are oval, rectangle, or aviator frames. Though finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses may seem daunting, we have the scoop on the best shapes for both men and women below.

Oval Eyeglass Frames

Oval glasses are among the best choices for those with heart shaped faces. The oval shape helps balance and soften the angles of your face. And since they are not as tall as they are round, you won’t risk overemphasizing your cheekbones.

Square Eyeglass Frames

Another excellent choice for a heart shape face is trapezoid frames. These glasses tend to be wider at the top than they are at the bottom, and this tapered look helps add more width to the top of your head. Thus, working well to draw attention away from your cheeks, giving your face a completely balanced look.

Rectangle Eyeglass Frames

Rectangular frames are also perfect for helping balance out the curves of your heart shaped face by not drawing attention to the width. If you choose rectangular frames, consider light-colored or thin metal frames to not make your face appear heavy.

Rimless or Semi-rimless

If you want frames with taller lenses, check out semi-rimless or rimless. These are perfect for heart faces because the lack of frame gives you a lighter look that doesn’t highlight your strongest facial features.

Best Sunglasses for Heart Face Shape

Choosing sunglasses is a great deal like choosing eyeglasses, so you should take the same approach. In other words, the best sunglasses for heart face shape are aviator, oval, and rectangular.

Be sure to choose a pair that balances out the structure of your face and helps your jawline appear a bit wider. Looking for sunglasses that accentuate your defined jaw and cheekbones, especially for women, will help detract away from your broad forehead.

Glasses for Heart Shaped Female

Women with heart shaped faces shouldn’t have too many problems finding glasses that accentuate their faces nicely. The frames you choose just need to emphasize the correct

features, so opt for oval glasses, aviator glasses, round glasses, or semi-rimless glasses.

Best Glasses for Heart Shaped Face Male

Sure, heart shaped faces can be dainty, but not on a man. In fact, some of the most attractive men have this face shape. So, if you’d like to balance out your look and emphasize certain features, we suggest you opt for wayfarers, square frames, rectangular frames, or oval frames.

Inverted Triangle Face Shape Glasses

The opposite of a triangle shape face, inverted triangle faces – or more commonly known as heart shape faces – need glasses that don’t necessarily stylize. In other words, we suggest that instead of making your eyeglasses stick out, choose lighter frames that are rimless or wired frames with more subtle coloring.

When looking for the best glasses for inverted triangle face shapes, opt for eyeglasses that will take away from the top of your face. So, you’re looking for glasses that will accentuate your jawline and chin. If your face is an inverted triangle, you can try cat-eye glasses, club masters, wayfarers, aviators, or oval frames.

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