Best Glasses For A Round Face Shape

Finding the perfect eyeglass frames that look and fit great can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Though many frame styles suit a round face, some still work better than others. We’ve created the following guide on choosing the best glasses for a round face.

What is a Round Face?

Before choosing the perfect eyeglasses, it’s important to first determine if you actually have a round face. The process is not an exact science, as most people have elements of different face shapes, and few people have perfectly oval, round, or square faces.

The best way to determine the shape of your face is to locate the most prominent features and then locate the closest shape. Features to consider include your forehead, jaw, and cheekbones. Typically, people with round faces have softer features set in foreheads and jawlines with similar widths.

round face shape glasses

How to Tell if You Have a Round Face

Here’s a quick overview of the most prominent features of round faces:

* Rounded cheeks
* Smooth lines, soft curves
* Equivalent widths between the forehead and jaw
* Round chin with little or no angles
* Cheekbones are the widest feature

What Glasses Shape is Best for a Round Face

So, how do you pick the best glasses for a round face? Generally, the best frames for a round face, regardless of gender, are those that play off your gentle curves with defined angles and strong lines. When shopping, think of fun ways to locate complementary opposites: boldness vs. softness, corners vs. slopes. Here are some of the best glasses shapes for round faces:

Rectangle Glasses
One of the most popular choices for a round face is rectangle glasses. These frames are effective for offsetting curves and adding length to your face.

Geometric Glasses
Opt for geometric glasses on your round face if you want to try something new. They incorporate nontraditional shapes such as octagons and hexagons and help add angles and lines to your face’s appearance. Thus, creating the ideal balance of soft features and strong lines.

Browline Glasses
Browlines are a great style for emphasizing the top portion of your face, as it adds contour. The thicker top frame helps balance the rounded lenses and creates an alluring contrast.

Square Glasses
Square frames set on a round face add a pleasing amount of harmony and contrast. The corners and straight lines of the glasses provide crucial definitions and balance a round face.

Cat-Eye Glasses
Check out some cat-eye frames if you’re looking to lift those round cheeks and highlight your eyes and eyebrows. Their upswept corners display boldness, especially when they are dramatic and thick.

Full-Rimmed, Colorful Glasses
If you want to ignore the lens shape and find something that makes your round face pop, check out full-rimmed frames in colorful hues. Regardless of the shape you choose, these glasses will provide continuous, stark lines that leave a lasting impression.

Best Eyeglasses for Women with Round Faces

There are primarily two styles that always stand out as the best eyeglasses for women with round faces, and these are rectangular and square frames.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular eyeglasses are perfect for contrasting soft features and bringing attention to your eyes. Much like oval frames, rectangular frames are very versatile and work well with any clothing style. Rectangular frames are a great choice for women with round faces because they’ll draw attention from your jawline and to your high cheekbones.

Square Frames

Square eyeglasses are another perfect option for women with round faces. In general, the larger the square frame, the more feminine and petite your face will appear, And while rounded corner square frames are okay, the boxier the shape, the better.

Best Eyeglasses for Men with Round Faces

When it comes to the best eyeglasses for men with round faces, there are two styles that really stand out: 50’s styles and large square frames.

50’s Style Frames
Many men in the 1940s and 1950s wore full-rimmed, chunky eyeglasses. This classic look is still popular, especially for those with round faces. However, you should stay away from small frames and choose ones that are just larger than normal. But be sure they aren’t so large that they add more bulk to your jawline and cheeks.

Large Square Frames
When you have a round face, choosing eyeglasses requires you to find a pair that contrasts your face’s roundness. And oddly enough, if your head is large, your frames need to be larger. The right pair of large square frames are ideal for making your head appear smaller and work to contract the rounder features and wider cheeks.

Best Sunglasses for Round Face Shape?

Here are our top picks for the best sunglasses for round face shapes that suit both men and women:

Oversized Frames
Typically, if you have an oblong or round face, it’s suggested that you stay away from frames that are round, as they’ll just make your face look even more round. However, when talking about oversized frames, even large round lenses look great on a round face.

Aviator Frames
Some people also argue that aviators are only for those with square or oval faces, but the truth is, they help balance and frame a round face.

Browline Frames
Though this frame doesn’t add many angles, the silhouette is useful as it helps create the illusion of length and balance. The end result is that browline frames for round face slim down the overall appearance.

Round Glasses on Round Face?

Often you’ll hear people say that you should never wear round glasses if you have a round face, but this isn’t always true. In fact, as we discussed above, oversized frames of any shape will work for a round face. So, if you’re going big, go ahead and go round.

Cat-Eye Glasses for Round Face?

Cat-eye frames are perfect for drawing attention away from a full jawline or round cheeks. These angular and squared-off frames work well to sharpen your facial features and give them angles.

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