Best Glasses For A Square Face

If you wear eyeglasses, then you know exactly how hard it can be to choose the right pair. And with all the styles, colors, and shapes, you can spend hours looking for a pair that suits you.

However, rather than waste your time, there are easier ways to go about shopping for a new pair of glasses. For starters, you can decide which face shape you have, as this usually tells you everything you need to know about frames. Determining the best frame shapes for your face will help save time and narrow down your options.

And while shopping for eyeglasses can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be that way. So, if you’ve decided that you have a boxy or square face, check out the guide we’ve created that details the best glasses for square faces.

What is a Square Face?

Faces shaped like a square are usually pretty large and have angular features which make the head appear boxy. Hence, the sides of your face should appear nearly parallel, and your chin should be squared off. If you have a square face, then you can expect to have a broad, firm jawline and a wide forehead.

To determine if you have a square face, check to see if your cheekbones are more narrow than your jawline and if your jawline and forehead are about the same width.

square face shape glasses

How to Tell if I Have a Square Face

It’s vital to remember that everyone’s face is unique, so if you are having difficulty determining your face shape, it may be wise to ask a relative or friend their opinion.

Typically, if your face is square, it will have these five features:

Your jaw, cheeks, and brows all appear to have the same width.

Your chin is not pointed but is “blunt.”

Your chin is squared off, or your jawline is straight.

Your head has an overall boxy appearance.

Your hairline is straight across and does not have a widow’s peak or curve.

Check out our expanded face shape guide for more info

What Type of Glasses Look Good on a Square Face?

If you have a square face, the frames that suit your face best will feature soft, rounded corners that help to contrast your boxy head and strong jawline. Round frames are perfect for bringing a balance to faces that are wide and angular.

If you have a square face, the best eyeglass frames tend to be those that are round, oval or cat-eye. These styles are always great for helping to soften strong facial features.

Square Face Shape Glasses Frames

Here are other options for square face shape glasses frames:

Oval or Round Eyeglass Frames

Oval or round frames are often the first choices for people with square faces. These frames feature many curves that are ideal for contrasting angular features.

Browline Eyeglass Frames

Browlines are another excellent option for anyone with a boxy face. These glasses have rounded-bottom lenses that help soften your angles, as the wide browline works to slim your forehead. It’s a great idea to look for a pair that also features slightly rounded tops.

Best Sunglasses for Square Face Shape

Much like with eyeglasses, the right pair of sunglasses is enough to make you feel more confident and boost your self-esteem. But when you have such robust features, it can be hard to choose the perfect sunglasses. So, here are our recommendations for the best sunglasses for square face shape:

Round Sunglass Frames

As we already mentioned, round frames are always the top choice for those with a square face. Try a pair of oversized, mirrored, or metallic round frames to finish off your look.

Aviator Sunglass Frames

Aviators are classic sunglass styles that are made from lightweight metal frames and large tinted lenses. You may have guessed already, but aviators are great for softening your face’s angles. The best part is that since these are so popular, they come in many styles and colors.

Browline Sunglass Frames

Much like regular eyeglasses, browline sunglasses look phenomenal on people with square faces. Try out a bold browline with silver lenses for a versatile and classic look!

Do Cat Eye Glasses Look Good on Square Faces?

Absolutely! Cat eye frames are a terrific option for people with square faces. The way the frames are angled upward on the browline work well to soften the face’s angles. And since these frames are relatively tall, cat eye eyeglass frames are perfect for making your face appear more balanced.

If you want to use cat eye glasses to make a statement, opt for thick and dramatic frames. Black is always a great choice, but bright colors and patterns may also look great.

Glasses for Square Face Female

If you are a woman who has a square face, you can wear any of the frames we’ve discussed above. As a refresher, opt for oval frames, round glasses, cat-eye glasses, browline frames, or rimless varieties.

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