Best Glasses For An Oval Face

When choosing new glasses for an oval face, it’s vital that you select a pair to complement the shape of your face. Though this can be challenging for some, it’s usually not the case for people blessed with an oval face shape.

The truth is that most frames work well with the face shape, but there are still some things that you should know before shopping for new glasses. Check out the following guide about the best glasses shape for an oval face.

What is an Oval Face Shape?

Those with an oval face have proportionate features. The oval shape is defined by slightly wider and higher cheekbones that narrow somewhat towards the jaw and forehead.

With this shape, the face is usually longer than it is wide and features a soft chin but a defined jawline. Since the features are well-balanced, it’s said to be one of the best face shapes for many styles of eye glasses.

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Do I have an oval face shape?

Here are a few steps to follow to see if you have an oval face shape:

Your face is wider than it is long.
Your jawline is either squared or rounded.
You have wide cheekbones.
Your chin is rounded.
Your jawline is more slender than your forehead.

Just keep in mind that it can be challenging to find your face shape. When in doubt, ask friends, family members, or colleagues what they think or check out our  glasses face shape guide to help.

Celebrities with Oval Faces

There are many celebrities with oval faces, here’s our list of women and men:

* Beyonce
* Jennifer Aniston
* Charlize Theron
* Bella Thorne
* Emma Watson
* Kate Middleton
* Adam Levine
* Ryan Reynolds
* Chris Hemsworth
* Zach Effron
* Ryan Gosling
* Ben Affleck

Best Sunglasses for an Oval Face

Though most sunglasses work well with an oval face shape, here are the best sunglasses for oval face shape:

The symmetrical design of square sunglasses helps to complement your face’s symmetry. The defined angles provide contrasting edges that work to soften facial features and also give a slimming effect which people prefer.

Another popular choice is aviator shades. These sunglasses feature a teardrop shape that naturally complements an oval face. They help to draw the eyes toward the cheekbones and away from the forehead.

Similar to square sunglasses, rectangular glasses add contrast between the soft lines and sharp angles. Yet rectangle frames also break up your face’s structure, making it appear thinner and longer than square frames.

These are very popular among women and are available in many sizes and shapes. We recommend going with a pair that’s not too wide but features a sweeping brow line.

Best Glasses for Men with Oval Faces

Men with oval faces are perceived as handsome and can pull off many frame styles. However, these are the best eyeglass styles for an oval-faced man:

Just as with sunglasses, rectangle eyeglass frames work great for men with oval faces. This is especially true for those going for a more professional look. This style is easily the most fashionable for men and is available in a wide array of shapes and prescriptions.

Square-shaped eyeglasses are among the most popular for men with oval faces. The sharp angles help define your delicate facial features and provide more structure and dimension to your overall look.

This 1950s style works well for men with an oval face. The thick upper helps draw attention to your eyebrows, which are the most expressive portion of your face.

Best Glasses for Women with Oval Faces

Women with oval faces do not have a shortage of options for eyeglass frames that work well with their face shape. In general, though, these frames are some of the best glasses for women with oval faces:

Cat-eye frames are very flattering for oval-faced women. These glasses are versatile and can be used with any outfit. The best part is that they enhance your best features and highlight your cheekbones.

Pilot glasses or aviators are a bold style choice for women with oval faces. Since they feature a teardrop, the lens covers a good portion of the face, allowing it to appear more balanced.

Rounded Square
Boxy and tall, square frames also help balance out an oval face’s look. The structure of the frames brings contrast and definition, making rounded square frames a fail-safe for any woman with an oval face.

Oversized Glasses for Oval Face

As we’ve mentioned, the oval face shape is among the most versatile of all. However, you must use caution when choosing oversized glasses for an oval face. The trick is finding a style that features the proper proportions. If you have a smaller oval face, opt for half-rimmed glasses that have a tailored fit. But if your oval face is longer, oversized frames are actually one of the most flattering. Some good oversized glasses for oval faces include:

* Round Frames
* Square Frames
* Aviator
* Rectangular frames

Cat-Eye Glasses for Oval Face

Consider yourself lucky if you were blessed with an oval face shape because most all frames work well with your look. However, cat eyes are one of the most suitable all-around. The frame width helps keep your face’s shape and adds a unique appearance. These glasses come in many shapes, sizes, and styles and look good with every outfit.

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