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Best Glasses For Long Face Shape

Don’t be down about having a long face. In fact, you should consider yourself lucky! Longer face shapes pair well with almost any style of eyeglass or sunglass frames, so you have lots of choices. Just be sure that you break up your face length by choosing larger style frames.

Eyeglasses with bold shapes and decorative details are other great options as they help draw people’s eyes to your eyes, thus adding width to the look of your face. It’s best to avoid rectangular or narrow shapes, as they can make your face look longer.

With that said, choosing the right glasses frames that go with your face shape, hair color, eye color, and skin tone can be challenging. There are so many options and so many factors to weigh. We’ve compiled the following information to discuss everything you should know before choosing the best glasses for long face shape. For more info check out our extended  eyeglass face shape guide here.

What is a Long Face Shape?

You may have a long face if you have the following characteristics:

Your face is longer than it is wide.

You have a large forehead.

You have a pointed chin.

Your cheekbones are high.

Your nose is long.

Best Glasses for Long Face

As with any face shape, some glasses frames look better on a long face than others. In general, these are styles that always work for a long face:

Square Frames

Opt for a pair of square glasses frames if you have a long face and want to look hip. The sharp edges are perfect for giving your face balance, as they help complement the narrowness of your long face. Moreover, square frames work well with long faces because these frames are usually wider than the person’s cheekbones.

Two-Toned Frames

As we mentioned, long faces are often very narrow. Two-toned glasses are perfect for helping your face look wider. Moreover, these glasses frames are only colored or designed at the top, drawing more attention to your eyes.

Thick Framed Glasses

Eyeglasses that feature thick frames are sometimes associated with a “nerd glasses” look, but they are

great for people with long face shapes. Thick frames are perfect for giving long faces a more balanced, wider appearance. Just ask celebrities like Adam Levine and Liv Tyler, as they’ve been photographed rocking this style.

Aviator Frames

Aviator frames scream cool, and they work for almost every face shape. Fortunately, aviators are the best for a long face shape, so try a pair!

Best Glasses for Oblong Face

Do you have oblong facial features and want to know what style frames fit your face? If you’re looking for a balanced appearance, try a pair of eyeglass frames that are tall and boxy or wide and oval. Alternatively, opt for frames with tall lenses if you have an oblong face and want to shorten it.

Generally, depending on your preferences, there are many glasses frame shapes for oblong faces. However, you can never go wrong with these frame shapes for oblong face:

Round Glasses Frames

Thick Framed Glasses

Square Glasses Frames

Cat-Eye Glasses

Oval Glasses Frames

Sunglasses for Long Face Shape

Essentially, the only “rule” you should be concerned about when shopping for sunglasses for long face shape is to stay away from very small, oval, or round frames. For this reason, most people with oblong face shapes opt for large, oversized sunglasses that cover a good portion of their face to create a more proportional appearance.

Yet, another common trend is to wear frames with an interesting shape. For example, cat-eye glasses or those with angular or square lenses. Either way, the shapes are great for helping break up your face and draw attention outward and upward, making your face appear slightly wider than it actually is.

When it comes to the best sunglasses for long face shape, we suggest you stick with oversized frames such as Wayfarers or Aviators in darker colors.

Best Glasses for Rectangle Face

Since rectangular face shapes are slightly wide with broad features, the shape lacks angular pointed features. Hence, it’s vital to incorporate soft angles where possible, as this helps balance out your facial features.

Here’s a look at what we consider the best glasses for rectangle face:

Oversized Aviators

Browlines with soft angles

Cat-eye frames with angles

Large oval frames

Round circular glasses



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