Bug Eye Glasses

With the return of oversized glasses back in vogue, it’s almost impossible to ignore the 1980s heartthrob eyewear style. Yes! We are talking about none other than the chic, cool frame, and super-exaggerated bug-eye glasses that were the talk of the town back then.
Whether you want to recreate the vintage vibe or walk the path of the trend sitters, bug-eye glasses may be what you are looking for!
Bug eyeglasses reigned the fashion world in the 1970s and gave massive competition to the much-beloved cat eye glasses.
An earlier version of bug-eye glasses was more square-shaped and not as rounded as they are now.
Although many variations have come and gone, the classic signature style with rounded and oversized frames is still a hot pick for retrophiliacs!

Bug Glasses

As evident from the popularity of bug glasses, they are a timeless style staple. Despite not being much in the trend towards the late 1980s, they quickly regained their former sheen in the 2000s.
Some notable personalities that made a statement with bug glasses include Paris Hilton, Audrey Hepburn, and Victoria Beckham.

Some eyewear enthusiasts credit celebrities themselves with initiating the oversized glasses trend. This extra prominent style would help cover a significant portion of their faces so they could escape the gaze of the paparazzi.
Large eye accessories such as bug glasses soon became a new cool frames for the general public. Thus, despite some people thinking of them as odd and too large, their popularity has only increased.

Bug Sunglasses

Mainstream manufacturers have jumped into the bandwagon and launched bug-eyed sunglasses with a touch of their brand personality.
With the rise of retro clothing and hairstyles today, we can foresee the increase in demand for bug sunglasses.

Though tiny sunglasses were in for a while, the pendulum is swinging back to the vintage oversized crowd-stopper eyewear.
From the Kardashian sisters adorning Balenciaga’s bug eye sunglasses to A-list celebs sporting variants of big-styled sunnies on red carpets, the new trend is bringing back the retro atmosphere.
This is maybe the perfect time for you to elevate your style game and awaken your inner fashion icon! It takes confidence and a good pair of bug-eye sunglasses to turn heads!

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