Clear Frame Glasses For Men & Women

Clear glasses frames date surprisingly far back, approximately 100 years. Prior to the 1950s plastic had not yet been widespread and its use in eyewear was uncommon. Yet from time to time we find clear frame glasses from the 1930s, generally French or German made. These transparent frames were generally round or P3 Panto shape and were usually very narrow, they were similar in style to early tortoiseshell glasses.

Clear eyeglass frames became increasingly popular in the 1950s with various trendy Women’s Glasses, mainly cateye frames. The technological advances that made plastic an easy and accessible material enabled eyeglasses to be made of all colors, not just gold & Silver. Some frames were clear only on the bottom front, with the top part made of metal of another dark color.

Clear Prescription Glasses

Clear frame glasses are one of the most popular colors for prescription lenses for men & women today. The light transparent color of the frames does not overwhelm the wearers face and allows ones features to shine. Get your pair of clear prescription glasses today.


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Showing all 31 results