Gray Glasses For Men & Women

Gray Glasses frames is one of the newer colors common in eyewear. They came to fame in the 1950s and 1960s, after the technological advances in plastic manufacturing during WW2 gave way to the mass availability of plastics as easy an easy to wokr with material.

Given its classic and conservative tone it would be easy to imagine gray eyeglass frames having been around for centuries, as is the case with tortoiseshell glasses. In that way gray eye glasses frames perfectly balance the old and the new, tradition and progress.

Gray eyeglass frames are available in all materials, the most popular being acetate and metal. Gray frames work well for both men and women.

We also offer a wide variety of gray sunglasses frames. Be it for for prescription lenses or sunglasses, grey frames are perfect for any wardrobe.

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Showing all 50 results