Green Eye Glasses For Men & Women

Green Eye glasses date back to the early days of the plastic use in eyewear manufacturing, the first few decades of the 20th century. While early plastic frames were generally black, brown or tortoiseshell color, there were a small minority of green color glasses, generally round in shape.

The real beginning of green glasses is in the 1950’s. With the new common use of plastic after the war years came the ability to manufacture eyeglass frames in all colors.

Green Cat Eye Glasses

Since during that era mens glasses were generally more conservative colors such as black and tortoise, the natural result was the the first use of the color green in that era was for green cat eye glasses. Generally more of a darker olive green, these cat eye frames were not one of the more popular colors of that decade but that is definitely where they got their start.

In recent years green eyeglasses are far more popular for both men and women’s prescription lenses.

Green sunglasses

Even more popular than green eyeglass frames are green sunglasses. Eyeglasses warehouse has a large selection of green sunglasses to choose from, both to protect your eyes from the sun or to read your favorite book at the beach! Check them out today.

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Showing all 15 results