Heart Shaped Glasses Frames

While heart-shaped glasses were always part of popular culture, the style is getting lots of love and attention in recent times. The origin of these funky style frames dates back to the 1950s when non-traditional-shaped eyeglasses frames made their way into advertisements.

This iconic fashion look gained further popularity by getting featured in Stanley Kubrick’s movie ‘Lolita’ in 1962. In the movie poster, actress Sue Lyon can be seen donning cherry-red heart-shaped shades. 

Today, heart-shaped frames are often part of a designed look worn by celebrities and general wearers; they are meant for experimentation and liberation from traditional frame styles. For more interesting facts, let’s dive deep into it!

Heart-Shaped Prescription Glasses


With time, the views around heart-shaped glasses have evolved; it is no longer a past nostalgia but a preferred method  for creating an eclectic look. Undoubtedly, this non-traditional style is a more empowered choice, and individuals like to wear it to express their individuality.

The general thought around heart-shaped prescription glasses and sunglasses is that they are meant for females. However, over the years, this notion has been challenged in popular culture, and we see both men and women flaunting their cute yet edgy optical frames.

As Korean pop has gained immense popularity, their unique styles are loved and followed by the young generation. One of their iconic singers, Yeonjun, shared a video adorning rosey-heart-shaped frames with pink hair and a glittery shirt.

The contemporary take on the century-old heart-shaped glasses frames is quite distinct with a modern touch. The traditional ‘Lolita’ shades were red, chunky, and opaque, whereas the newer versions are thin-rimmed or rimless frames and partial or fully transparent.

Factually speaking, every individual can pull off heart-shaped glasses, regardless of their face shape. Due to their unusual appearance, this eyewear style is considered more of s statement piece that looks best when carried confidently.

Because of their unique look, many high-end brands like Cartier offers heart-shaped glasses. One of their most trendy design includes the CT00920- heart diamond cut, which features pink-gradient lenses with gold-plated rimless frames.

If you want to try a pair of heart-shaped eyeglass frames, you’ll be glad to discover the endless varieties you can find. For instance, Amore rimless heart-shaped lenses have vibrant red detailing that stands out against the clear lenses. Or, you may like rimless, silver sleek metal accents heart-shaped specs.

From the classic retro style to a more minimal, modern look, you can get the one that best suits your taste. 

Undoubtedly, the non-traditional heart-shaped optical style is a more empowered choice, and individuals like to wear it to express their individuality. Want to try it out? See the article to make a good choice!


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