P3 Eye Glasses

P3 Glasses have a shape known by many but a name known by few. They are a classic rounded shape, where the temples meet the front toward the top. Before the invention of p3 eyeglasses in the 1930s frames were generally round or oval. Since then p3 frames have become one of the most popular frames styles in the world.

P3 glasses were was also known as Ful-Vue eyeglasses, the idea being that the temples meet the front at the top corner of the frames instead of in the center as was common until the invention of p3 Glasses.

The “P” in P3 stands for Pantoscopic, or Panto in short. This refers to the tilt of the bottom of the frames towards the eye. The 3 refers to the 3mm difference between the height and the width of the lenses. Traditionally if the lens width was 44mm the lens height would be 41mm.

P3 glasses offer a classic and sophisticated look and are suitable both for men and women for prescription lenses or sunglasses.

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Showing 1–100 of 116 results