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Purple Frame Eyeglasses

What if purple is your favorite color, and you just want purple eyeglass frames? No problem! Today’s glasses frames are made in nearly every color possible, including every shade of purple. Moreover, purple eye glasses are widely available in nearly every frame style and shape. So, if you’re looking for purple cat-eye glasses, purple acetate glasses, or even purple aviators – you’re in luck!

Just be sure that you take the time to find the right purple frame eyeglasses for your face. The truth is that people have varying face shapes, from round or square to diamond or heart-shaped. Yet, not every purple frame shape is going to complement every face shape. For example, if you have a round face, you probably should not invest in a pair of round purple eyeglass frames. A better option would be sticking with rectangular or square purple frame eyeglasses to add more structure to your face. 

Are Purple Glasses Frames Right for Me?

Ultimately, deciding whether you want to buy a pair of purple frames is a personal preference. Some people enjoy the bright pop of color as it adds to their style. However, some people shy away from a purple frame because they are limited to what colors will match their glasses. 

If you’re looking for a pair of purple eyeglasses to act as your go-to pair, then it’s probably best you wear colors that complement the hue. Otherwise, you may find that purple glasses frames make a wonderful backup pair color. 

Purple lens sunglasses efficiently filter the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices and UV radiation from the sun. Though some people wear purple glasses frames to make a fashion statement, others opt for purple lens sunglasses for added eye protection. Regardless of why you’re shopping for purple eyeglasses, the following information will help in your journey. 

Purple Lens Sunglasses

Many ophthalmologists agree that the UV protection provided by lenses is more important than the color. However, purple lens glasses feature a tint that’s designed to minimize diffraction on the lens surface. Thus, allowing more light waves to flow through the glass and less reflecting off. Most find that these lenses work well for removing distortions and improving visibility. 

Interestingly enough, the coating on purple lens glasses shields your eyes and provides color when light hits the lens. Thus, purple-lens sunglasses are great for adding style and protection to your eyewear. Still, not every colored lens is created equal. 

High-energy visible or ultraviolet and blue light rays are everywhere, but the impact depends on if you are outside or inside. It’s also dependent upon which part of the day that you are exposed to these light waves. 

How do Purple Lens Sunglasses Work?

Purple lens glasses go through a sophisticated process to layer the lenses with tint. The coatings are bonded at very precise thicknesses based on specific light wavelengths and angles. This process is completed under a complex physics theory known as “thin film optics,” which focuses on explaining how light reacts when it enters “thin films.”

Shopping for Purple Lens Sunglasses or Purple Frames

Regardless if you are shopping for purple lens glasses or purple vintage frames, you’ll find what you need in our store! We offer a wide array of styles and frames to choose from, so start browsing and let us know if you have any questions!

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