Red Glasses For Men & Women

Red glasses have been a fun color of eyewear since the cat eye style became popular in the fifties and sixties. Red eyeglass frames have been a great choice for fun prescription glasses for women for the past 70 years.

Red Glasses are perfect if you want to add some color to your face. From scarlet to garnet to bergundy, Red frames are an easy choice to add some flair and pizzazz.

Red Eye Glass

We have a large selection of red eye glass frames for men and women. We invite you to browse our selection of red eye glass frames for both prescription and sunglass lenses.

Red Cat Eye Glasses

One of the more popular glasses styles in red have been red cat eye glasses. Red is big and bold and a perfect matching for the swoopy cat eye shape. Red cat eye sunglasses are also trending. Be sure to check out our eyeglass color guide to determine if red eyeglasses will work well for you.

Red glasses frames come in all materials and sizes, You can always be sure to find a pair that fits your skin tone and face shape.

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Showing all 15 results