Rimless Glasses For Men & Women

Rimless glasses are one of the more popular styles of frames for both Men and Women. Historically, rimless frames are relatively new. The first frameless glasses frames were invented around the year 1880. They were gold or silver in color, had cable temples and a saddle bridge that sat directly on the nose, and generally had oval lenses. They were simple metal, often gold-filled. Wire Rim Glasses  This style of rimless glasses lasted until about the year 1920.

Drill Mount Glasses

During the 1920’s rimless eye glasses (also know as drill mount glasses) went through some design changes. Nose pads had been invented allowing them to be used on frameless frames. Technology had advanced allowing for filigree designs to be etched in the metal frame. The quality of the metal improved to be thicker and sturdier, and they started cutting rimless prescription lenses in more exciting shapes than before. Oval frames for most part took a back seat and he most popular shape for rimless eyeglass frames and sunglasses during the 1920s-1940s was Octogonal. During the 1930’s there started to be design differences between mens and womens rimless eyeglass frames, with the womens rimless frames taking a more feminine form.

We put a special emphasis on vintage style rimless glasses. Modern day eyeglass frames Saddle bridge drill mount eyeglasses are hard to come by. Every few years another brand introduces this saddle bridge “W” shaped bridge, only for it to be discontinued after a few years due to it not selling well. We have a few nice saddle rimless glasses in our selection. We can also replace the lenses in an old pair of your rimless eyeglass frames.

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Showing all 81 results