Round Glasses For Men & Women

Historically round glasses were some of the first types of eyewear ever manufactured. From Nuremberg Glasses in the 17th centry, pince nez glasses, 100’s of years later and Windsor Eyeglasses frames at the turn of the 20th century. The circular glasses shape provided simplicity and uniformity for almost 400 years.

Round Eyeglass frames were popularized in modern culture by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Harold Lloyd. Their round shape and saddle bridge resting directly on the nose is something that catches the modern eye, in stark contrast to today’s frames with nose pads and subtler shapes and colors. In mode recent times circle glasses were famously worn by Steve Jobs and more recently, Harry Potter.

Circular frames were traditionally worn by both men and women. Vintage glasses were unisex until about 1930 so all eyeglass styles were both masculine and feminine.

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Traditionally round glasses for women & men were gold or silver color and made of metal or horn. Today there are circle glasses in all colors and materials such as titanium, steel, acetate, and more. The sizes have grown too. In antique round frames the lens size was generally between 36mm and 42mm. Today most round frames lens sizes start at 42mm and go up to 48 or even larger.

Circle Eyeglass frames are made in both Men’s Glasses as well as Women’s frames. The circle frame shape looks good on most face shapes, and are available today in most colors, materials and lens options. Circular Eyeglass frames are suitable for prescription lenses as well as sunglasses. Eyeglasses Warehouse strongly believes in the revival of round prescription eyewear and will do our best to have a great selection.

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Showing 1–100 of 154 results