Silver Frame Glasses

The history of Silver Glasses is the history of eyeglasses. Silver is one of the oldest and most common colors, dating back a few hundred years. Silver framed glasses were made of various materials:

The most popular in vintage frames: Common Steel – Steel is made by adding carbon to iron, creating a shiny silver material that is far stronger than silver and much more affordable.

Sterling Silver – Named for the Pound Sterling used as British currency, this is the standard for most silver used in jewelry, silverware, and other silver items. It is 92.5% silver. Sterling silver eye glasses were pretty rare.

German Silver – German silver was an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. It was affordable to make and looked almost the same as silver, but did not bend or tarnish as easily as Sterling silver would.

Coin silver – Many cultures used coins made of silver or a silver alloy. When a person had more coins than they needed, it was common practice to take the coins to a silversmith who could melt them down and remake them as vases, silverware, and other objects of value, which could be transferred back into coins if the need arose. Many silver rimmed glasses were made in this method.

Silver frame glasses are a perfect match for almost any outfit or look for both Men and Women. Looking for something a little bolder? Consider a pair of black and silver glasses. The black adds a touch of class and seriousness to this color of trendy glasses.

Silver sunglasses are perfect for any climate. They work well with most face shapes. Perfect for both Men and Women. We have a large selection of silver sunglasses to choose from.

Silver eyeglass frames, like gold frames, have made a comeback in the fashion scene in recent years.

They say if you study history you can predict the future. We’ve studied the history of eyewear, and the color is silver.

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Showing 1–100 of 107 results