Thick Frame Glasses

It’s time to get bold and thick! Thick frame glasses for men and women are classic, look sassy, and are trending. This vintage style is back in great demand and is the best way to up your eyewear game.

Thick frame glasses are available in many designs, colors, and patterns. Whether you’re looking for cat-eye, round, browline, or square, thick eyeglass frames are durable yet lightweight. Made from either acetate-mix or premium acetate, your thick-framed glasses will last for years to come.

Thick Frame Glasses For Men & Women

There are many reasons thick-frame glasses for men and women are popular. From their durable and sturdy construction to the bold and dramatic look they help create, thick frame eyeglasses are very popular right now. Think of celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Oprah, and Anne Hathaway, who are known for having an affinity for thick-framed glasses.

The Wayfarer and cat-eye styles are among the most popular thick eyeglass frames for women. For men, most opt for a thick-rimmed square or rectangular pair of frames. No matter what your style and color preference, we have everything from black thick-rimmed Wayfarers to tortoise thick frame cat-eye glasses.

What Are Thick Frame Glasses?

Thick frame glasses are those made from premium acetate or an acetate mix and feature thick, bold lines that create a dramatic appearance on the face. You’ll know you’re looking at thick frame glasses when you are able to see the frame from afar, as they are very noticeable from any distance.

Though many people opt for chunky glasses frames to make a fashion statement, others choose them to hide strong prescription lenses. And the truth is, there’s no better way to hide thick bifocals than by placing them in chunky eyeglasses.

Should I Wear Thick Framed Glasses?

In reality, anyone can wear thick-framed glasses, but just like any other style of eyeglass frame, they work better for some people than others. The easiest way to determine if you should wear thick frame glasses is by deciding what shape face you have. This information, combined with your hair color and eye color, will tell you what frames will complement or contrast your look the most.

Generally, thick-framed glasses are best for those with a round face. When your face is too round, the main goal should be to add angles and lines, and there’s no better way to do so than with thick eyeglasses. And don’t forget to be bold with thick-framed glasses. Add in some bright colors and dramatic lines to create a stunning look.

What are the Best Glasses Frames for a Strong Prescription?

Generally, thicker frames are often better for thick bifocals and other strong prescriptions. The main thing is that you avoid semi-rimless or rimless varieties as the lens will be too thick to look attractive in your thin eyeglass frames. Additionally, you probably want to avoid styles that feature angular edges, as it’s nearly impossible to create a strong prescription lens to include sharp angles.

When shopping for the best glasses frames for a strong prescription, it’s best to stick with thick-framed oval or round eyeglass frames. Doing so will help hide your lens so that no one else notices it’s thick!

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