Tortoise Shell Glasses For Men & Women

Tortoise shell glasses date far back to the mid 1800’s, making this color and material one of the oldest historically. Early European round tortoise shell glasses were generally round in shape and made of genuine Hawksbill turtle shell.
Hawksbill turtle is amongst the most critically endangered species of animal due to the mass hunting that occurred in the 19th and early 20th century. In 1977 trade in genuine tortoise material was banned to help keep alive this endangered species. Many of the early American tortoise frames were made of bakelite, a type of plastic that was better for frames than genuine tortoise glasses.

During the 1950’s they started manufacturing tortoise eyeglass frames out of acetate, a much easier and durable material to work with. No longer were round tortoise glasses the standard, as the cat eye shape took over. This all but guaranteed their success as one of the top colors for eyeglasses for Men and Women.

Tortoiseshell frames predate glasses style and will therefore outlast it. Their unique patterns guarantee no uniformity as no 2 pairs are identical. Their classic and warm color works with many different outfits face shapes, and skin tones.

We offer many different shapes and styles of tortoise frames, perfect for your next pair of prescription lenses or sunglasses.

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Showing all 90 results