Yellow Glasses For Men & Women

The earliest form of yellow glasses were likely yellow zylo rim covers for round windsor glasses. These round frames were popular late 19th century glasses and through the early twentieth century. Windsor glasses were round and made of gold or silver color. They were sometimes coated with zyl, an early plastic. This coating was usually brown or black but sometimes tortoise, and on the rarer occasion, yellow.

The next time yellow was used historically was in industrial goggles in the early 1900s. These were made of zyl and sometimes had a metal bridge. They were used as protective gear to protect the eyes while doing various hazardous activities.

Yellow Tinted glasses

Historically one of the earliest colors of sunglass lenses has been yellow. Many antique eye glasses from the late 19th century have yellow tinted lenses. The thought process at the time was that yellow offered the best protection against UV rays.
It is claimed that yellow tinted glasses have been used to alleviate symptoms of syphilis in the 1800’s, as sensitivity to light was one of the symptoms of syphilis.

Yellow Cat Eye Glasses

Yellow Glasses really blew up in the 1950s with the release of a pair of American Optical Yellow Cat Eye Sunglasses. Cat eye glasses were generally sold without their lenses, demo lenses hadn’t yet been invented and the frames were sold without any lenses in them. On rare instances were eyeglasses sold with lenses. This pair of yellow cat eye sunglasses was one of those occasions.

Yellow Sunglasses

There is no color to best describe summer like yellow sunglasses. Browse our selection of yellow prescription or sunglass lenses for men and women and to get the early summer vibes.

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