Don Draper Glasses And Sunglasses: A Complete Guide

Don Draper Glasses; The ultimate look in eyewear. The Don Draper look is one that many men aspire to; it is the epitome of cool, suave, and sophisticated. And a big part of the iconic look is the vintage sunglasses donned by the actor in the ‘Mad Men TV series.

Don Draper, played by John Hamm, is often seen with his sunglasses, essential to his overall style.

You can use different types of eyeglass frames to achieve the Don Draper look. The most important step is to get a pair that suits your face shape. Once you have found the perfect pair of specs, you can experiment with different styles and looks.

Mad Men Glasses

The famous American TV show mad men has been credited with bringing back the vintage style of the 1950s and 1960s. The Don Draper glasses are one of the most iconic items from that era.

The show’s lead character Don Draper is a sharp-dressed ad man who always looks polished and put together- his glasses are essential to his powerful personality.

Mad Men’s glasses are typically rectangular and made of thick, dark-colored acetate. They have a heavy angular frame reminiscent of the glasses many men wore in the mad men series era.

John Hamm’s glasses showcase the actor’s senses of style- the classic square-framed glasses are donned by Don Draper throughout the show, looking incredibly cool, especially when driving his convertible.

Mad Men Sunglasses

There are countless aviator glasses, but the John Hamm sunglasses style has marked its unique status.

The iconic glasses from mad men are the Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses; they feature different bayonet temples designed to fit nicely alongside headgear. Additionally, these mad men sunglasses have undergone slight modification to resonate more with the 1960s style.

According to sources, the much admired Don Draper sunglasses will appear again in Mad Men season 4. The style has gained a separate fan base, to the extent that John Hamm also wore these optical wear styles off-screen.

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