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Embracing 2022 Sunglass Trends with Vintage Frames 

There is an idea in the fashion world that everything comes back in style eventually and sunglasses are no exception. Based on design predictions from style experts, it seems that 2022 will be the year that a lot of favorite vintage looks are back in. 

For many of the other sunglass trends this season, a pair of vintage glasses provides the perfect answer with a look that is still in style while letting you bring your own unique touch to fashion.

What Vintage Sunglasses to Wear This Summer

Many people say sunglasses are a more timeless fashion accessory with most looks never truly going out of style. Vintage sunglasses provide a range of classic books to choose from and enough room to always experiment with bold looks.

But if you want to focus on adding a few more on trend pairs to your vintage sunglass collection, look for vintage frames in these styles:

  • Bright and Colorful – Glasses this year should be vibrant with jewel tones and pastels most in, but any color will work as long as it is bright. Some great options for colorful glasses include acetate cat eye glasses from the 1950s. The 70s and 80s also offer colorful cat eye glasses with a less defined shape. Vintage horn rimmed glasses with colored frames are another good look since they since their extra thick frames are great for showing off all that color. 
  • Vintage 1970s Glasses – The 70s are here again in the fashion world and oversized frames are going to be in this summer. There is no better way to stay on trend than with authentic sunglass frames from the 1970s. Search our women’s cat eyeglasses from the 1970s to get this look.
  • Early 2000s Sunglasses – The Y2K years are also back with a sleek and futuristic look. You can get this look with a pair of vintage rimless glasses by adding in your own large square lenses, preferably in a light tone or gradient.
  • Angular Shapes – Embrace the bold looks of 2022 with fun shapes that have sharp corners or sweeping curves. Fortunately, vintage eyeglasses have a range of shapes to choose from. Favorites for this summer include cat eyeglasses (the pointy-er the better) and hexagonal glasses for a truly unique look.

Any bold pair of vintage glasses will always be in style, as are classic frames from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Eyeglasses Warehouse is the best place to look for vintage sunglasses frames with a wide selection of frames. You can customize your frames with your preferred sunglass lenses to create a pair of glasses no one else will have or get a classic look by wearing the original pairs that defined fashion like horn rimmed glasses in black or tortoise shell, sleek vintage women’s glasses, rimless glasses, and more.

In addition to the original glasses from throughout the decades available in our inventory at Eyeglasses Warehouse, you will also find retro pairs modeled after classic styles but with the modern wearers in mind. Browse all that we have to offer and start planning out your sunglass look for summer 2024.

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Embrace 2022 sunglass trends with vintage frames, exploring how classic styles have made a comeback. Dive into frames that showcase the enduring appeal of vintage sunglass trends. Consider vintage frames as a stylish and timeless choice, offering a fashionable accessory for those who want to stay on-trend while enjoying the retro charm of vintage eyewear. Stay in vogue with 1950s Glasses, a perfect fusion of vintage style and contemporary trends.