Giorgio Armani Glasses

Armani is a well-known Italian fashion house, producing licensed eyewear since 1988. Giorgio Armani glasses and sunglasses offer an upgraded version of the vintage styles, as evident in the Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange, and Emporio Armani collections.
The label has a wide selection of unique optical frames; the Giorgio Armani eyewear line focuses on classic styles for men and women, while Emporio Armani has more modernized and trendsetting designs.
Whether you like the elegant Giorgio Armani frames, trendy Armani exchange glasses, or stylish Emporio Armani, they are all un-compromised in quality and aesthetics.

Armani Glasses

Besides the overall style preferences, Armani allows you to choose from acetate to metal frames in various sizes and shapes.
Giorgio Armani collection centers around vintage styling. The label’s statement optical line features a tortoiseshell design, with round acetate frames for men and cat-eye round frames for women.
Although these eyewear styles tend to be more classic, the frames are created from modern elements with fine detailing.

AR 7204 by girgio Armani
Giorgio Armani AR 7204 Glasses

Armani Exchange Glasses

Armani Exchange is considered a fantastic brand of glasses; the line offers high-quality products, and the prices are reasonable compared to other luxury brands.
Additionally, Armani exchange glasses feature essential and timeless designs that, for sure, will never become outdated or out of fashion.
Inspired by the chic-street culture and meant for younger wearers, one of the brand’s best-sellers includes Armani Exchange 0AX3097, available in various vibrant colors.

Emporio Armani Glasses

Emporio Armani eyewear lies in the medium range in terms of price. Moreover, this collection offers optical frames with minimalistic round and rectangular frames for men, whereas the women’s line includes cat-eye, butterfly, and square frames.
Emporio Armani sunglasses feature trendy, fashionable designs- for instance, geometrical aviator for men and accented cat-eye style for women.

Giorgio Armani Sunglasses

The vintage Giorgio Armani vintage sunglasses possess the brand’s famous clip-on glasses and sun shields. The line also includes updated versions of iconic styles like the aviator-inspired pilot.
The classic-style eyewear characterizes fine details, distinguishing these glasses from the contemporary styles of other brands.

Armani Men’s Glasses

Armani offers numerous specs collections exclusively for men. Giorgio Armani glasses frames come in specific iconic styles and with an endless sunglasses variety.
Similarly, Emporio Armani eyewear has a large selection of premium men’s glasses and sunglasses with minimalist modern designs.
Armani exchange glasses come in different frame sizes, shapes, and materials; this is also one of the most affordable Armani lines for men’s eyewear.

Armani Women’s Glasses

Armani creates eyewear for women in Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange, and Emporio Armani lines. We see limited classic designs in the Giorgio Armani family, like cat-eye, round frames, and signature oversized glasses.
Emporio Armani glasses styles for women exhibit more variety in frame shapes and materials- from cat-eye to round and shield optical designs.
Lastly, the Armani exchange pays equal tribute to women’s eyewear, showcasing feminine square and rectangular styles and cat-eye frames.

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