Glasses For Triangle Face Shape

Are you looking for glasses frames that don’t leave your face looking more pointed? Do you feel like every nice style you choose makes your features more defined? If so, keep reading! We’ve created the following guide on choosing glasses for a triangle face shape.

What is a Triangular Face Shape?

Triangular faces are distinguished by wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead. The widest area of your face is usually your defined jawline, but it tapers into a pointed chin. In general, triangle-shaped faces are longer than they are wide. People with a triangle face usually have a widow’s peak or V-shaped indentation at their hairline.

Here’s a checklist to review:

* Your jawline and cheeks are wider than your forehead.
* Your chin is prominent and pointed.
* You might have a widow’s peak on your hairline.
* Your face is not as wide as it is long.
* Your features are defined and sharp.
* Your jawline is defined.

Best Glasses for Triangle Face Shape

If you have a triangular face, then you probably have prominent features, especially your jawline, cheekbones, and pointy chin. Most people find that the best way to contrast this angularity is to opt for round eyeglasses. Frames that feature rounded rims and soft corners help balance your look and complement your best features.

Here are some tips for picking glasses for a triangle face:

* They need to complement your jawline and cheekbones.
* The shape should be square or rectangle with rounded edges.
* The color should complement your complexion and skin tone.
* They should be suitable for your prescription needs
* The color should complement your eyes.

Most eyeglasses use rounded corners and flowing curves, but the shape and style will become part of who you are. So, check below for the best glasses for triangle face shape.

Womens Glasses for Triangle Face

If you’re a woman with a triangle face looking for the best eyeglass frames, check out our top picks of women’s glasses below:

Wayfarer Glasses
Wayfarers are an excellent choice for women with triangular faces. These thick, square-shaped eyeglasses are elegant and sophisticated, adding the perfect styling touch. Whether you need a classic black frame or bright color, these mid-century frames never go out of fashion.

Geometric Glasses
Are you looking to add some spice to your look? Check out the unique and bold shape of geometric eyeglass frames. They are bold and contemporary, making them one of the most fashionable choices. Be sure to choose wider designs at the top than at the bottom. Doing so will help smooth your features and give your face a more oval appearance.

Oval Glasses
Oval frames are an excellent choice for women with triangular faces. They offer feminine styling and soft, curved lines, adding elegance to your outfits. Just be sure to look for a pair that works well to soften features and make your face appear more oval.

Men’s Glasses for Triangular Faces

Men with triangular faces should also take care in choosing frames for a triangular face. Here are the best men’s glasses for triangular faces:

Men with triangular faces often choose browline frames. They are perfect for accentuating your facial features. Moreover, the thick lines offered by the brow bar help make your face look wider and more balanced.

Do you like a more minimalist look? If so, opt for a rimless frame in a muted color such as tortoiseshell or black. These frames will help soften sharp features without overwhelming your face.

These retro-inspired frames are an excellent option to add personality to your appearance. They are perfect for men with triangle faces because they are streamlined yet soft, so they help minimize the strong lines from your cheekbones and jawline.

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