Glasses Frame Colors: What Color Glasses Should I Get?

Choosing the right color prescription glasses may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are several ways to determine what color frames will flatter your face and embody your personality and style. 

To help you through the process, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that will help you choose frames based on your, skin tone, hair color, and more.  

Choose Glasses Colors For Your Skin Tone

After you’ve determined your face type and you know the best glasses for your face shape, it’s time to nail down frame colors. These need to complement your skin tone but trust us; it’s not that complicated. 

Typically, skin tones are placed into two categories: cool and warm. Cooler skin tones usually have more of a pink or blue undertone, while warmer skin tones feature green or yellow undertones. 

To help with this, think about the color of clothes you look the best wearing. The same rules need to apply to your eyeglass frame color. 

Just don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your frame color. Knowing the shades that work with your skin tone will help you make the right choice every time. So, let’s get started!

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Best Color Glasses for Warm Skin Tone

This one is easy to remember – warm skin tones pair perfectly with warm colors, such as:

* Gold Glasses

* Pink Glasses

* Brown Glasses

* Red Glasses

* Orange Glasses

* Clear Frame Glasses

* Green Glasses

* Yellow Glasses

* Striped Glasses

Turquoise Glasses

Best Color Glasses for Cool Skin Tone


Much like warm skin tones, cool skin tones pair well with cooler colors, such as:

* Gray Glasses

* Black Glasses

* Tortoise Shell Glasses

* Pink

* Purple Glasses

* Blue Glasses

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Eyeglass Colors and Skin Tone

Choosing the right color eyeglasses for your skin tone can be further split into three additional categories: Deep, medium, and light. 

Since eyeglass frames can add an extra layer to your look, this can help complement your undertone or contrast your skin tone, depending on which way you go. 

Here’s a closer look at skin tone and eyeglass color:

glasses color man

Best Frame Colors for Deep Skin Tones


If you’re wondering what color glasses you should get if for brown skin, you’re in luck because you have many options. 

For people with deep skin that has warm undertones, these are the best frame colors:

* Green

* Gold

* Brown

* Tortoise 

Alternatively, if you have deep skin with cooler undertones, opt for these frame colors:

* Purple

* Green

* Blue

* Black

Best Frame Colors for Medium Skin Tones


Medium skin tones can also have a warm or cool undertone. So, determine which you have and look for eyeglass color options below:

If you have medium skin that features warm undertones, the best color frames are:

* Gold

* Brown

* Green

* Tortoise

If you have medium skin with cool undertones, opt for these frame colors:

* Red

* Purple

* Blue

* Black

Best Frame Colors for Light Skin Tones


Those with light or fair skin tones tend to have a peachy complexion with green or yellow undertones. However, light skin tones can also feature a blue or pink undertone, so see where you are before choosing a frame color for light skin tones. 

Here are the best options for light skin and warm undertones:

* Purple

* Pink

* Gold

* Brown

These are the ideal frame colors for light skin and cool undertones:

* Silver Glasses

* Gray

* Pink

* Blue

Choose Eyeglass Frames for Your Hair Color

Hair color is another trait that varies widely among people, and did you know it also comes in cool and warm tones?

Regardless if you’re looking for blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, or even color glasses for grey hair, check out the information below; we have something for everyone. 

What Color Glasses for Blonde Hair?

If you’re looking for eyeglass colors for blonde hair, check out shades such as purple, blue, pink, or black.

What Color Glasses for Brown Hair?

Are you a brunette? Those with warm brown hair usually have red or gold undertones, while cool brown glasses tend to have more ashy undertones, so if you have brown hair check out eyeglass colors such as black, gold, red, or blue. 

What Color Glasses for Black Hair?

People with black hair can either have brown undertones or blue undertones. The best frame colors for people with black hair include bronze, black, rose gold, or blue. 


Embrace your gray and show off those beautiful undertones with eyeglass frame colors such as floral, red, purple, or even ivory tortoise. 

Choose Eyeglass Frames for Your Eye Color

Aside from your skin tone and hair color, you must also consider how your eye color fits into your look. However, this is a bit more challenging to categorize because eye color varies greatly. For example, just because you have blue eyes doesn’t mean they are cool, as gray tones can make them appear warm. 

Let’s take a look at the best frame color based on your eyes:

Best Frame Color for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes contrast well with tortoiseshell patterns and rich browns but pair well with gray or blue tones. 

Best Frame Color for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes can be cool or warm, depending on how dark the shade is. In general, most brown eyes pair perfectly with golds, greens, and tortoiseshells. However, try deep shades of green and gray if you have hazel eyes. 

Best Frame Color for Green Eyes

That only leaves us with what color frames bring out green eyes? These eyes tend to contrast well with purple or pink but pair well with gold or earthy brown tones. 

Still Not Sure What Eyeglass Frame Color to Buy?

If you’re still undecided and unsure of what color eyeglass frames to buy, don’t stress! The most important thing to remember when buying eyeglass frames is that you should choose the style eyeglasses that make you the happiest!

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