Lens Replacement

Looking for replacement lenses for glasses you already own? Eyeglasses Warehouse Offers eyeglass Lens replacement for all existing frames. Follow our simple online process below and you will have your replacement lenses in no time.

Getting a new prescription does not mean you need to order replacement glasses frames. As long as your eyeglass frames are in good condition we can supply you with replacement lenses for your glasses frames.

Here’s How it works:

  1. Choose your frame type: Certain Frames such as drill mount frames require extra work to replace the lenses
  2. Choose your lens type. Single vision, bifocal, progressive etc.
  3. Send us your frames: You will receive a prepaid label with a box to send us your frames
  4. Give it a week: Our expert lab technicians will swap your old lenses with the new ones
  5. Replacement Glasses are in: You will receive your reglazed frames in the mail. You look fabulous!
replacement glasses lenses

Replace Glasses Lenses

Our lab technicians are experts at replacing lenses in existing frames. One of our most common tasks is to replace glasses lenses for frames you already own, whether they are new or used.

You can order replacement lenses online from the comfort of your home. We have made it simple and convenient to order replacement prescription lenses. We ship worldwide.

Looking for a sunglass lens replacement? We offer that as well

Some common reasons our customers choose us for online lens replacement:

They were prescribed with a higher prescription but do not need new frames. You can send us your existing frames and we replace the glasses lenses.

Prescription stayed the same but readers were added. We can replace existing frames with new bifocal or progressive lenses.

Lenses scratched or damaged. We can put new lenses in your old frames. Learn about glasses lens replacement options at Eyeglasses Warehouse. If you’re considering upgrading your lenses, discover the versatility and style of “Rimless Glasses.” Immerse yourself in the details that make rimless frames a customizable and modern choice. Trust Eyeglasses Warehouse for quality eyewear, including rimless glasses with lens replacement options.