Harry Potter Glasses

Many people come to our site looking for Harry Potter glasses. Those round spectacles popularized in the movie. We have a large selection of such round frames.


What kind of glasses does Harry Potter Wear

Harry Potter’s Glasses were made by Savile Row, a boutique manufacturer once located in London’s East End. Savile Row is an offshoot of Algha Works, a 100 year old company that was at one point the largest manufacter of Vintage Frames in the UK and the company that manufactured all eyeglasses for the National Health System in England until 1988.

The Specific model of Harry Potter’s Round Glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter Films is called Savile Row Warwick. They are perfectly round glasses in Black and Silver, basically a replica of Windsor Glasses invented in Windsor, England 100 years ago. They are handmade in London and coated in Rhodium. Savile Row uses the same machines and manufacturing procedures from 100 years ago!


Harry Potter’s Glasses Diameter size.


In the early films the diameter of harry potters glasses was 42mm, fairly standard for traditional windsor glasses. Hwoever, in the later films they went up to 44m and even to 47mm, much larger and more circular.

Harry Potter Glasses For Adults & Kids


Harry Potter’s eyewear choice resonates with many today. if you are looking for that unique look, be it for an adult or child prescription lenses, or even for a pair of sunglasses, Eyeglasses Warehouse has a large selection of Harry Potter Style Glasses and is sure to have somethign for you.