Vintage Eyeglasses for Men & Women.

Eyeglasses Warehouse is commited to documenting the history of antique eyeglasses and vintage eyeglasses frames, as well as offering for sale a curated selection of vintage glasses that reflect the evolution of vintage frames from their invention until their current state.

Genuine Antique Eyeglasses & Vintage Frames

We stock authentic mens and womens vintage eyeglass frames dating as far back as the mid 19th century. Civil War Glasses, Pince nez, windsor glasses, gold wire rim glasses and moving along the 1950s with cat eye glasses and browline glasses, continuing the journey thoughout the evoltion of antique spectacles & vintage frames .

Vintage Style Glasses

In addition to our collection of genuine vintage glasses Eyeglasses Warehouse offers a selection of reproduction vintage style glasses for men and women. These frames are inspired by different eras of vintage eyeglass frames but made with modern manufacturing tenchiques.

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