How To Select Prescription Lenses

Selecting the right lenses is a crucial aspect of the eyewear purchasing journey, significantly influencing your vision and overall satisfaction with your glasses. The multitude of options available in today’s market can make it challenging to determine the most suitable eyeglass lenses for your needs.

This comprehensive guide to eyeglass lenses aims to enhance your understanding of available treatment options, aiding you in making an informed decision based on your lifestyle.

Navigate the world of prescription glasses lenses, understanding the various options and considerations when choosing lenses for your eyewear. Dive into frames that showcase the importance of personalized vision correction with prescription glasses lenses. Consider prescription glasses lenses as a practical and essential component of your eyewear, ensuring optimal visual clarity. Enhance your prescription eyewear collection with Jackie Kennedy Sunglasses, a timeless and sophisticated choice that prioritizes both style and precise vision correction.

Choose The Right Eyeglass Lenses for Your Visual Needs

Before delving into lens materials and coatings, it’s essential to identify the prescription eyeglass lenses that will effectively correct your vision. Depending on your visual requirements, you may opt for single-vision or multifocal lenses.

Single-Vision Distance

For those primarily needing correction for distance or near vision, single-vision lenses are often sufficient. Nearsighted individuals benefit from concave lenses, correcting blurry distance vision.

Reading Glasses

Reading lenses, with convex design, aid those with farsightedness, providing clear near vision for objects within 30-40 cm.

Lined Bifocals

Combining corrections for near and long-distance vision in a single lens, bifocal lenses are an excellent solution for those requiring both distance correction and reading glasses.

Progressive Lenses

Anti Scratch & Anti Glare Options

Now that youv’e selected the lens type it is time to choose your lens coatings. Some of our lens coatings include:

Anti Scratch Coating

Defending against everyday wear and tear, anti-scratch coating is crucial for lens durability. We therefore include this for free with all prescription lenses.

Anti Glare Coating (AR Anti Reflective)

Reducing glare, halos, and reflections, an anti-reflective coating improves vision, especially during night driving and digital screen use. It enhances lens appearance in various settings. We include basic anti Glare for free with all prescription lenses. We Offer Upgraded Anti Glare options such as Crizal, Hoya and other for an extra fee.

Tint Options

Blue Light Blocking

Protecting eyes from potential damage caused by blue-violet light emitted by screens and artificial lighting.

Photochromic Lenses

Automatically adjusting tint based on UV exposure, this technology protects eyes from harmful rays while providing clear vision. Photochromic lenses offer this feature.

Transitions Lenses

Transtions are a brand name photochromic lenses, considered by many to be the best and most trusted in the photochromic industry, automatically adjusting tint based on UV exposure.

Sunglasses Tint

Adding personality or enhancing visual clarity, color tint coatings offer over ten color options for customization.

Gradient Sunglasses Tint

Ideal for sunwear, gradient tints provide sun protection with varying degrees of incoming light.

Polarized Sunglasses

Reducing glare from surfaces like water and snow, polarized lenses improve visual comfort and safety, especially beneficial for outdoor activities.

Lens Material & Index

Polycarbonate Lenses

Durable and impact-resistant, recommended for children or outdoor activities, with built-in UV protection.

1.6 Index Thin Lenses

Stylish, super-thin lenses ideal for strong prescriptions or thin frames.

1.67 Super Thin Lenses

Thin, lightweight lenses for high prescriptions, minimizing distortion.

1.74 Ultra Thin Lenses

The thinnest lenses for the highest-powered prescriptions, reducing the “coke bottle” appearance.


Your vision’s importance necessitates selecting lenses that provide comfort and clarity. This guide empowers you to make an educated decision based on your vision needs and lifestyle. For further assistance, consider a comprehensive eye exam and explore our extensive catalog of glasses and lens options.