James Dean Glasses

James Dean is one of the all time most respected teenage idols. His performance in “Rebel Without A Cause” resonated worldwide and captivated the teenage heart. His abrupt death in a car accident at age 24 all but cemented his legacy in perpetuity. James Dean to this day is a symbol of style.

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One of the most noticable things about a person are his eyeglasses. James Dean’s glasses were no different.

James Dean’s glasses were horn rimmed style. Historically eyeglasses had been seen as more of medical device and therefore were not worn when not needed. This changed during the 1950s, with James Dean and Buddy Holly being some of those responsable for this change. Not only were their eyeglass frames not medical devices, they were fashion devices that came to define them.

Mansfield Square F770

The exact Model James Dean Wire is highly debated. It seems like it was the Mansfield Square F-770 Model from Universal Optical. Some say they were Made by Liberty Optical but that doesn’t seem to be the case. They resembled the Tart Arnel style with their rectangle shape, keyhole bridge and iconic rivets. James Dean’s glasses were an integral part of his real-life character. His prescription glasses complimented his face perfectly.

The Mansfield Square F770 has a thick, horn rim frame made from black acetate. The top of the frames are squared with a curved lower edge and keyhole bridge. This style is highly similar to – and often mistaken for – Ray-Ban Wayfarers or Tart Arnel glasses, but there are slight differences in the shape. The rivets connecting the temples and frames are hourglass-shaped.


James Dean In Sunglasses

Some photos also show James Dean In sunglasses. Be it in back of a Ferrari, looking into a camera, or with a cigarette dangling form his lips, James Dean definitely knew how to make sunglasses look appealing.

James Dean Glasses and Sunglasses are in high demand. We have put together the eyeglass frames we have found to most resemble the orignal frames james Dean wore.

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