Johnny Depp Glasses

What Kind of Glasses Does Johnny Depp Wear?

One of our most popular celebrity eyewear bestsellers are Johnny Depp Glasses. Johnny Depp is often seen sporting a pair of glasses. More like sunglasses, considering they generally have tinted sunglass lenses. Johnny Depp needs eyeglasses to see

Johnny Depp Tart Arnel Glasses

One of the most famous frames Johnny Depp often wears is a tortoise pair of Tart Arnel 1960s Glasses. There are some arguments as to weather he is wearing that or Moscot Lemtosh glasses, another almost identical frame but it seems clear that Johnny Depp’s glasses are indeed Tart Arnel’s. Due to Johnny Depp popularizing these glasses the price for an original pair can be over $1000. We have some similar frames below.

Tart Optical was founded by Julius Tart in 1948. This small eyeglass manufacturer became world famous during the 1960s. Tart Optical later split and is no longer around in its original iteration.

Some other Tart Arnel lookalike frames include:

  • Courtland Producer
  • Dolabany Arnold
  • Julius Tart Optical AR (Japan)
  • Tart Optical Arnel (United States)*
  • True Vintage Revival 504

Johnny Depp Aviator Sunglasses

Johnny Depp has also been spotted wearing aviator style sunglasses with blue lenses. Those metal aviator glasses were made by Randolph Engineering. The are plated with 23k White Gold, with a process that is said to take 200 steps to complete.

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Check out some more Iconic glasses worn by celebrities and the famous!

Johnny Depp Sunglasses

Some photos also show Johnny Depp In sunglasses. Often with a light blue tint

Johnny Depp Glasses and Sunglasses are in high demand. We have put together the eyeglass frames we have found to most resemble the orignal frames Johnny Depp Wears.

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