Lunor Glasses

Lunor glasses marked their place in history around 1991 when a master optician named Gernot Lindner decided to launch his eyewear collection. As an avid collector of antique glasses, it was no surprise that Linder designed his first pair of glasses from solid gold, a common material for vintage frames.

This mesmerizing idea of gold glasses gave the brand its name, ‘Lunor,’ and carried on to become the company’s trademark style. The embodiment of subtle, timeless details, minimalist design, and careful craftsmanship helps Lunor glasses stand apart.

Lunor Eyewear

As a traditional German company, Lunor eyewear has always focused on producing vintage style glasses. From the very start, Gernot Lindner was clearly inspired by the style and designs of antique frames. He took this idea one step further by combining timeless vintage eyewear designs with a hint of modern detailing. These subtle details give a Lunor a more contemporary look and remain an evergreen statement eyewear. They are a perfect blend of elegance and luxury and are extremely popular with celebrities.

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly one of the most known wearers of Lunor classic round glasses. These sophisticated rounded rimless glasses feature a metal frame with a minimal oval hinge design, making them a good fit for narrow and medium faces.

Lunor Eyeglasses

Unsurprisingly, other Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Tom Cruise, Elton John, and Oprah Winfrey also favor Lunor glasses. The high-standard German craftsmanship is the key to the brand’s success. Each glass frame is made by hand and given extra attention to detail and accuracy.

As a result, the proportions of Lunor eyeglasses are flawless, and the fit is always perfectly balanced. Once you try a pair of Lunor frames, you will never face adjustment and fatigue problems common with mass-produced glasses. Lunor eyeglasses are not just art pieces; they are also highly comfortable and great for use in everyday life.

Lunor Frames

Lunor eyeglass frames are made from the finest quality materials, including titanium pads, high-grade steel, and expensive metals. You get the premium product by investing in their glasses and don’t have to worry about any quality degradation any time soon. Master opticians inspect each Lunor frame before finally arriving at the market. This level of quality control is a set standard for the company that they always follow.

Besides their signature designs, Lunor XXV metal folding glasses are a big hit as well. Not only do they take up very little space, but they are also exceptionally light in weight and great for carrying around.

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