Marilyn Monroe Glasses

One of the most sought-after eyeglass styles is Marilyn Monroe Glasses. Marilyn Monroe was undoubtedly one of the most-admired iconic females, and her fashion and style remain a classic favorite. Apart from her signature blond curled hairstyle and sense of dressing, we can never get over her cat eye glasses.
This classic glasses look of Marilyn Monroe was in the highly acclaimed movie ‘how to marry a millionaire.’ From there on, cat eye frames became extremely in-trend and adorned by women back then as a symbol of elegance and confidence.
As a trend-sitter, Monroe had a lot to offer, and her unique choice of glasses became an instant hit. Here are some interesting facts about her eyewear!

Marilyn Monroe Sunglasses

Whether on set filming a movie or outside the world of the camera lens, Marilyn Monroe confidently wore glasses that would complement her elegance and beauty. After Seeing Manrilyn Monroe in glasses, every on-looker or die-hard fan would want to re-make her unique sense of fashion.
Talking specifically of Marilyn Monroe sunglasses, she popularly donned Ray-Ban wayfarer frames during her stay in New York City. This classic original Ray-Ban frame is still famous- in part thanks to our lovely diva. Originally, the Wayfarer was considered a men’s frame, but Monroe made it equally stylish for women.

Marilyn Monroe Glasses
Marilyn Monroe Wearing Glasses

Marilyn Monroe With Glasses

Marilyn Monroe with glasses looked as stunning as without them, and we love her both ways. However, the icon wore glasses only when she needed clear vision. In ‘how to marry a millionaire,’ she immediately takes off her eyeglass frames at every possible moment and shows her reluctance.
Once she realized that she looked attractive in glasses, she confidently styled them with different outfits. The jewels on her statement cat eye rhinestone glasses made it complement fancier outfits, but she also wore them with casual outfits as well as these were her everyday glasses.
Also, she had a soft spot for diamonds; it is why the Marilyn Monroe classic reading glasses had diamond-like jewels embellished- a superb touch to her style!
The glasses she wore perfectly adjusted to her face shape. Marilyn Monroe’s frames were usually wider than her face width, like the cat eye glasses, and would look flattering on her.
She was often caught wearing the wayfarer style sunglasses with more casual outfits while preferring to wear the cat-eye frames for more sophisticated wear.
Marilyn Monroe in glasses had an intellectual appeal, which helped instill confidence in both women and men. She proved once you style your glasses properly, you can look and see great at the same time.

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