Antique Eyewear from McAllister: America’s First Eyeglasses Maker

Antique glasses from the 1800s are both a collectors’ item and a piece of wearable history. Dating almost 200 years old, McAllister glasses are some of the most historic glasses of the 19th century, representing the first glasses sold in the U.S.

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About John McAllister – The Founder of American Optometry

John McAllister is a memorable name in the world of American eyeglasses. When he opened his optical shop in 1799 in Philadelphia, it was likely the first such shop in the young country. McAllister imported glasses from Europe and supplied well-known politicians and statesmen at the time. He was President Thomas Jefferson’s optician and created lenses and bifocals designed by Jefferson at the President’s request.

McAllister’s sales to the general public were interrupted by the War of 1812 between Britain and America when trade embargos made importing glasses nearly impossible. Instead, McAllister began to make his own glasses in 1815. These early American made glasses included the first lens for astigmatism, and came in increasingly diversified styles including:

  • Straight Temple Spectacles
  • Sliding Temple Spectacles
  • Turn Pin Spectacles

The materials for these glasses included gold, coin silver, and early steel.

There was soon plenty of competition in America with over 300 optical shops by the 1820s, and the McAllister brand eventually went under. But the early role John McAllister played in American optics has led many to consider him the father of American optometry, and his spectacles are highly sought after.

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