How to Measure for a Perfect Fit with Your Vintage Glasses

Glasses often have a very personalized fit. You want them to be comfortable and rest securely on your face. But you also need them to flatter your face shape and size. Vintage glasses were made to fit smaller average head sizes, adding an additional challenge to choosing your glasses.

Our inventory of vintage eye glasses at Eyeglasses Warehouse has spectacles in a range of sizes, and while design is likely your number one choice, you will also want to be sure your glasses are the right size as well. Since buying glasses online, vintage or modern, does not give you the option to try your glasses on first, knowing the right way to measure makes it possible to still get the right pair of frames.

Glasses Measurements on Vintage Frames

There are 4 standard measurements that glasses sellers generally provide that can help you determine how the glasses will fit on your face. These are:

  • Front Width – This is the measurement of the frames between the hinges, usually the widest part of the glasses. Any hinge pieces that stick out of the frame are included.
  • Temple Length – The temple length goes from where the temple connects to the frame to the tip. Depending on the style of glasses, there is usually a bend here, so it is best to take the measurement of each section and add them together.
  • Bridge Width – This is the horizontal distance between the inside edge of the lenses, meaning it includes any rims. Do not measure the curve of the bridge, but instead lay the ruler straight across.
  • Lens Diameter – This is the measurement of the lens, not including the rims. On vintage round glasses, length and height will be the same. There might be 2 separate measurements on rectangular or oval lenses.

On our vintage spectacle listings, we also include a general size estimate – small, medium, or large – that corresponds to contemporary face sizes and glasses measurements. This sizing can give you some idea if a style you are looking at will fit, although you will want to confirm with exact measurements.

How to Measure Your Face

The easiest way to figure out your measurements is to measure your existing pair of glasses if you like their fit. You can measure your glasses in the same way we measure ours to get the right size. Your glasses may also have their measurements engraved on one of the temples to save you the trouble of measuring.

You will also need to measure your face to get the front width, which is the most important measurement to find glasses that fit. To do this, either stand in front of a mirror or have a friend help you. You will hold a ruler horizontally across your face and measure the distance between your temples. 

With your measurements in hand, you can look for glasses that are within 3mm of those measurements (2mm for the bridge) in a style you like. In addition to considering fit, also think about how glasses with different lens sizes will flatter your face. With these factors in mind, you will have no problem finding an attractive pair of vintage glasses. Take your measurements and then start your search today at Eyeglasses Warehouse.