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Model Your Sunglass After John Lennon with Vintage Round Sunglasses 

Few glasses throughout history are as iconic as John Lennon’s round Windsor glasses from the 1960s and 70s. Almost as recognizable as the music of The Beatles, just seeing a pair of round wire rim glasses can bring to mind John Lennon, 1970s hippie culture, and vintage nostalgia.

Because of the importance of these glasses, this is a sunglasses look that has never gone out of style and whether you have a specific costume in mind or simply want to bring some 70s rock and roll to your daily look, a pair of John Lennon sunglasses is the best way to get this style.

How to Wear Sunglasses Like John Lennon 

Reportedly severely myopic, John Lennon experimented with a few different glasses looks in the early days of The Beatles before settling on Windsor glasses in the 1960s. This frame style was originally popular in the late 1800s and the first few years of the 1900s. By the time John Lennon was wearing Windsor glasses, they were already on a dated look.

These glasses have perfectly circular frames and a saddle bridge, usually without nose pads. The lenses tend to be smaller than modern day sunglasses and they are centered over the eyes.

Windsor glasses became John Lennon’s everyday eyeglasses, as well as his go-to sunglasses which he often wore with amber, pink, green, or blue lenses. Some Beatles historians suggest these tints helped to soften the glare of spotlights while Lenon was performing on stage.

When looking for John Lennon glasses to wear today, you have two options:

  • Vintage Wire Rim Windsor Glasses – These are original to the early 1900s and closely mimic John Lennon’s style. You can most often find these in gold filled or silver tone steel frames. To turn them into sunglasses, have your optician replace the lenses with tinted ones in similar shades to what John Lennon might have worn.
  • Retro John Lennon Sunglasses – Retro glasses are new glasses made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, but closely replicate the styles of glasses that Lenon initially wore. As with authentic Windsor glasses, you can change out the lenses to your desired color for sunglasses. Retro glasses offer some additional flexibility if you need a certain size or want a brand new pair of glasses without signs of wear.

At Eyeglasses Warehouse, we offer both authentic and retro John Lennon sunglasses. Each pair of our antique round glasses has been sourced and checked for wearable quality, and many are 100 years old or more. Our line of retro John Lennon glasses are made to a high standard and have optical quality frames compatible with any lens type.

Browse through the different options we have for vintage round sunglasses to find your preferred look and style, and get started achieving John Lennon’s legendary look with your own pair of wire round wire rimmed sunglasses.

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