Narrow Glasses & Sunglasses

Small or narrow faces are more prolonged and not as broad. Finding suitable eyeglasses can be a daunting task.
If you have a narrow face you may know the struggle when glasses keep sliding off your nose. Below are some tips to help the perfect pair of prescription glasses that are comfortable for narrow faces.

Glasses For Narrow Face

One of the primary concerns people with narrower faces encounter is that glasses often feel exaggerated. They usually overshadow your favorite features, and although you may prefer a certain eyewear style, it can seem heavy or unnatural.
Luckily enough, you can easily find a wide range of options for petite glasses that are specifically designed for narrow faces. Cat-eye, rectangular and oval glasses are a top style of glasses for narrow faces as they won’t overpower your facial features.

Narrow glasses are made for narrow faces, so their total width is smaller, and the width of each lens is smaller. Ideally, the frame width for smaller faces should be equal to or slightly bigger than the face width.
In this regard, cat eye narrow frame glasses are a perfect style you can carry! They will help accentuate your cheekbones and smile. Many celebrities, particularly female ones, love wearing cat eye frames for a sassy look. They can easily be the go-to choice of glasses for narrow-face women.
Another good option can be the classic rounded style glasses. As there is more size variation with round glasses, you can get comfort and fashion all in one.
Square eyeglass frames can seem to weigh small faces down but a great option can be rectangular frame glasses. Not only do they look stylish and give a smart appearance, they also add depth to narrow faces and elevate your whole look!

Narrow Sunglasses

Talking of men’s narrow glasses, boxy-style shades can be a game changer, adding an element of strength and confidence. But, it is always important to look for the correct lens width so your sunglasses fit properly.
Similarly, transparent frame sunglasses combined with a darker sun lens can be a stylish choice for a narrow face. Adding to the list, we can count on square and aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban offers aviator frames in a bunch of different sizes for you to choose from.
To say the least, narrow face glasses are endless, provided that you do not go too over board and find a frame design that is proportionate to your face!

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