New Lenses For Old Frames

Need new lenses for vintage glasses? If you have ever dealt with vintage frames you likely have also dealt with opticians who aren’t willing to put new lenses in old glasses. Some say the frames aren’t strong enough. Others say they can’t place replace the lenses in your antique frames because there are no screws. Others will simply say they don’t replace lenses for old frames they didn’t sell you.

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The truth is that new lenses can usually be placed in old frames. Most vintage eyeglass frames are strong enough to have the lenses replaced and have working screws. We are happy to place new lenses in your old eyeglass frames.

We also offer to place new lenses in existing eyeglass frames, as well as new sunglass lenses for your existing sunglass frames.

Prescription Lenses for Vintage & Antique Rimless Glasses

One of the most common requests we get is to replace old glasses lenses for vintage rimless frames. These old glasses were built differently than modern rimless glasses. The frames surround the lens from both sides, so the lenses need to be thin enough to fit inside the frames. The maximum lens thickness can be 2-3mm, anything thicker and the prescription lenses will not fit in. If you are a vintage rimless glasses aficionado you

Wondering what it would cost to have new lenses placed in your old glasses? Check out our simple calculator above.

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