Vintage ArtCraft Glasses

We invite you to browse our inventory of ArtCraft glasses in styles like round glass, wire glasses, browline glasses, cat eye glasses, and more. Bookmark this page as well and check back as we find and restore additional ArtCraft eyeglass frames.

Eyeglasses Warehouse is the leading supplier of vintage ArtCraft glasses. We source authentic glasses made by the ArtCraft company between 1918 and the 1950s, then restore them to beautiful, weable condition. Our glasses frames are ready to be fitted with prescription lenses, sunglasses, or glass lenses for a stylish accessory.

About Our Vintage Glasses from ArtCraft

Founded in 1918 by Swiss toolmaker Charles J. Eagle, ArtCraft quickly became one of America’s best known optical manufacturers. They are well known for high quality and stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses.

ArtCraft is notable for being the first producer of cable temple glasses, developed when the company worked with the U.S. military during WWI. These glasses use a temple that curves over the ear to keep them in place during rigorous activity. Ideal for combat, the cable temple style caught on quickly for wearers who wanted more security with their eyeglass frames.

Outside of this first, ArtCraft has been known since their inception for always being at the forefront of fashion when it comes to glasses. You can find vintage ArtCraft glasses in styles such as:

  • Wire Rim Glasses
  • Gold Filled Glasses
  • Pince Nez Glasses
  • Browline Glasses
  • Cat Eye Glasses

Some of the more memorable and coveted ArtCraft glasses include the Holiday sunglasses, a cat eye style with bold plastic frames from the 1950s, and the browline style the Clubman Art-Rim. Vintage military issue glasses also often come from ArtCraft, since the company was a primary supplier of glasses for troops in every American war.

Original ArtCraft glasses are high quality and long lasting. We build on those traits with our detailed restoration process, making any fixes necessary to return the glasses to near perfect vintage condition. Whether you want to add 1950s retro style glasses to your wardrobe or antique wire rim frames, Art Craft is one of the best eyeglass manufacturers to look for. Check out our inventory to see all the frames we have available.

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