Replacement Cable Temples

Replacement Cable Temple arms for Windsor, Wire Rim, and Riding Temple

The cable temple was introduced in 1885 and remained popular until after WWII. The Windsor style is one of the most popular styles ever made. They remained in constant use from 1880 until 1960 in various countries around the world. They were popular in the US from 1880 until 1929. The stock market crash of 1929 put many of the makers of this style out of business. The Marshwood style was introduced in 1921 and remained popular until 1950. The US military issued this style to troops during WWII. The military code for the style was “P3”.

Vintage replacement cable temples are impossible to find in useable condition. I found a small manufacturing company willing to hand make replacement cables in small quantities. The quality of the workmanship is excellent. The temples are made to the exact specifications as the originals with two exceptions, the diameter of the pivot hole and the placement of the stop. Original cables can have one of three size pivot hole sizes depending on the maker and country of origin. The swing stop on original frames can be located in the ten o’clock or the eleven o’clock position depending on the maker.

We carry antique replacement cable temples in thickness .026 and .045. The size .045 is also available with engravings. Generally, the Marshwood style and WWII Military issue eyeglass frames were engraved. It is rare find a Windsor frame that is engraved. We have both yellow gold filled, and white gold filled temples. Click here for images.

There is a difference between American made and English made frames.  English and most European Windsors use a different style cable end.  Click here for images of English made cable temples and their ends.

I had the vintage replacement temples drilled to fit the medium size pivot stud. They fit a bit loose on the small pivot stud, and the hole must be drilled larger to fit the large pivot stud. I had all the stops placed at the eleven o’clock position. The stud can be filed back if a ten o’clock position if needed. Any optician can easily do this work.
The blade end of cable temples come in two sizes, .026 and .045 thousands of an inch. All riding temple frames need the 0.26 size. More than ninety percent of Windsor frames need the .026 size. Click here for samples of these styles.

All Marshwood frames, all P3 frames, and a few Windsor frames need the .045 size. Click here for samples of these styles.

All our retro temples are 6 3/4 long. We carry yellow gold filled and white gold filled in both .026 and .045 size.