Vintage Cazal Glasses

Eyeglasses Warehouse is the best place to find vintage eyewear, all of which offers interesting and eye-catching styles that set your wardrobe apart from modern looks. And no vintage eyewear is more trailblazing as Cazal. The cutting edge design of Cazal sunglasses and eyeglasses made them a defining brand in the 1980s, particularly in the world of hip music.

1980s glasses frames remain a stylish option for anyone who wants to turn heads. You can find our selection of authentic vintage Cazal glasses below, each restored to wearable vintage condition.


About Cazal Vintage Glasses at Eyeglasses Warehouse

Started in Germany by Carl Zalloni in the 1980s, Cazal quickly came to dominate 1980s eyeglass fashion. Like other companies, they were producing aviators, square glasses with giant lenses, and geometric frames. But Cazal was going further by pioneering completely new styles. They took classic designs and transformed them with bright colors, interesting shapes, and dynamic material combinations. Cazal prided themselves on creating extravagant and unusual glasses.

Cazal styling quickly caught on among hip hop artists and fans. Their glasses were worn by artists like Run DMC and MC Hammer, increasing their popularity.

In addition to their innovative styling, Cazal became known for top quality products. Cazal vintage glasses for men and women use high end materials such as:

An individual pair of vintage Cazal eyeglasses can be made of up to 50 separate pieces all carefully combined by their expert eyeglass makers. Cazal glasses were made in the west during the division of Germany. Most vintage Cazal glasses will have the text “Made in Western Germany” to confirm you are getting an authentic pair.

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