Civil War Glasses

There were a couple types of antique eyeglasses common around the time of the civil war, commonly referred to as civil war glasses. There are some were straight temple eyeglasses and some were sliding temple civil war era eye glasses.

Civil war Sharpshooter Glasses

One of the more unique civil war era glasses, and antique spectacles in general, are what is called civil war sharpshooter glasses or shooting lenses. These eyeglasses are generally made of steel with an orange glasss lens which were mostly frosted, with a little hole in middle which was not frosted, purportedly to help focus the sharpshooters eyes. The purpose of this

There was yet another nother type ofc civil war era sharpshooter glasses The clear area of the lens wass heavily frosted forcing the user to look through the amber area. This is a rare form of this style of spectacle. It was designed to allow more light to reach the eye when compared to similar spectacles that have a solid amber lens.

There are those that argue and maintian that there was no such thing as civil war sharpshooter glasses, and that these frames were a form of sunglasses, a method of shielding people with with weaker eyes from excessive sunlight.

Civil War Reenactment glasses

Many people ask us for civil war reenactment glasses for use in reenactments and plays. We have a large selection of spectacle frames for civil war reenactments.