Mahatma Gandhi Glasses

Mahatma Gandhi lead a nonviolent civil movement against the British rule of India in the 1940’s. Gandhi was a member of the merchant caste. He studied law in London. His formal name is Mohandas K. Gandhi. He is shown here wearing Windsor style round eyeglasses. The Windsor style was introduced in 1880 and was popular through the 1920’s. Many Windsor frames were made in England. Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses were iconic to him and his image. Many people today are wearing Gandhi glasses for prescription lenses.



Gandhi Glasses Today

Eyeglasses warehouse has a large selection of Gandhi Glasses AKA windsor glasses. We have plain silver glasses, gold eyeglass frames, as well as stell frames covered with zylo (plastic). Gandhi glasses are perfect for men or women for prescription lenses as well as sunglasses.

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