Gaspari Glasses

 The 1950s and 1960s were pivotal decades for eyewear, and vintage glasses from this time are a wonderful way to accent your wardrobe with retro glasses style. Eyeglasses Warehouse is the leading online seller of vintage eyeglass frames for prescription glasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses. One of the notable designers we carry is Gaspari, including their classic cat eye, rimless, and browline glasses.

Our Gaspari frames are all authentic mid century glasses that our team has found and restored. You can see all of the Gaspari glasses we have in our selection below, and browse more 1930s, 1950s, and 1960s glasses on our website.

About Vintage Gaspari Glasses

Gaspari designed antique glasses between the 1930s and 1960s with a focus on fashionable glasses for women. Although Gaspari never made a name for themselves by introducing new styles, these vintage eyeglasses are among the best representations of styles during the mid-1900s.

When looking for vintage glasses, you can find many popular styles made by Gaspari, including:

Most antique Gaspari glasses have gold filled frames made by layering thin sheets of gold until the desired shape and thickness is reached. Gaspari used 10k or 12k gold, resulting in high quality glasses that have retained their lustre over the years.

By the time Gaspari was producing glasses in the 1930s, aluminum was prevalent as a decorative accent for eyeglass frames due to its affordable price and attractive coloring reminiscent of silver. Gaspari used aluminum for brow pieces, temples, and rims. In Gaspari advertising, the designer toted the gold base as ideal for elegance and strength while the aluminum accents provided color that matched contemporary trends.

A few very rare Gaspari eyeglasses were made of silver instead of gold, or used silver accents in place of aluminum.

As a special touch, many Gaspari glasses for women include decorative touches around the rims. Rhinestones, floral motifs, and filigree on cat eye or round glasses make these vintage glasses especially unique and give you even more ways to express yourself with vintage eyewear.

When you want vintage glasses from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, Eyeglasses Warehouse has the best selection of glasses from designers like Gaspari and more. Each pair of glasses has been chosen by our team and restored to a beautiful, vintage condition. Look through our antique glasses for men and women, and check back frequently as we add new Gaspari glasses to our site.

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